When it comes to exploring the vibrant city of Hong Kong, there’s an abundance of attractions waiting to be discovered. To make your experience truly exceptional, consider immersing yourself in the world of LOST – the ultimate destination for unforgettable escape game adventures. Here are the 10 best things to do in Hong Kong, uniquely enhanced by LOST’s immersive escape games.

1. Explore Lively Street Markets and Engage in Mind-Bending Challenges

Begin your Hong Kong journey by diving into the local culture through its bustling street markets. From the iconic Temple Street Night Market to the vibrant Ladies’ Market, you’ll find a variety of goods that reflect the city’s vibrant spirit. Extend your adventure by stepping into LOST’s escape game branches across Hong Kong, where you can explore over 40 different themed escape games. From historical stories to mystic legends and fairy tales, each game is meticulously designed to engage your mind and spark your curiosity.

2. Victoria Peak and Skyline Views: Pair with Unforgettable Puzzles

No visit to Hong Kong is complete without marveling at the breathtaking skyline from Victoria Peak. Ride the Peak Tram to the top and enjoy panoramic views of the city and its stunning harbor. Pair this experience with LOST’s immersive escape games, which offer a seamless blend of adventure and puzzle-solving. Choose from a diverse range of themes that transport you to different eras and worlds, making your visit to Victoria Peak even more memorable.

3. Cruise Victoria Harbour and Enhance Team Bonding

Sail through the iconic Victoria Harbour on a traditional junk boat or a modern cruise liner. Experience the mesmerizing views of Hong Kong’s skyline illuminated at night. Elevate this experience by engaging in LOST’s escape games, perfect for team building and bonding. With escape games suitable for small groups ranging from 2 people to up to 70 people, you can foster teamwork and problem-solving skills in an exciting environment.

4. Visit Lantau Island and Immerse in Interactive Adventures

Venture to Lantau Island to explore its cultural and natural treasures, from the Tian Tan Buddha to the Po Lin Monastery. After embracing the island’s tranquility, challenge your group with LOST’s interactive escape games. With themes inspired by China’s historical stories, Western legends, and mystical tales, you’ll embark on adventures that blend seamlessly with your exploration of Lantau Island.

5. Experience Dim Sum Delights and Uncover Culinary Secrets

Indulge in Hong Kong’s culinary scene with a dim sum feast, savoring bite-sized dishes that reflect the city’s rich gastronomic culture. After satisfying your taste buds, immerse yourself in LOST’s escape games, where culinary mysteries unfold as you solve puzzles and uncover hidden clues. Additionally, LOST Junior offers kids-friendly escape games with STEAM elements, making it an ideal adventure for young explorers aged 6-14.

6. Stroll Through Man Mo Temple and Embark on Enigmatic Journeys

Discover Hong Kong’s rich history and heritage at the Man Mo Temple, where you can pay homage to the Gods of Literature and War. Continue your exploration of enigmatic tales by delving into LOST’s escape games, where each room tells a captivating story that challenges your intellect and teamwork.

7. Ocean Park Adventure and Elevate Thrills

For a day of family fun, head to Ocean Park, a marine-life theme park offering thrilling rides and animal encounters. Elevate your adventure by engaging in LOST’s escape games that test your strategy and problem-solving abilities. Whether you’re conquering roller coasters or decoding puzzles, excitement awaits.

8. Wander Through Mong Kok and Solve Intriguing Mysteries

Explore the lively district of Mong Kok, known for its vibrant streets and diverse markets. As you browse sneaker shops and trendy boutiques, consider extending your adventure by challenging your mind with LOST’s escape games. With themes ranging from historical narratives to mystic legends, each game room presents a unique puzzle to solve.

9. Star Ferry Ride and Dive into Interactive Quests

Take a nostalgic ride on the Star Ferry, capturing breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline and harbor. After your cruise, dive into LOST’s escape games, where each mission is a captivating quest that requires teamwork, creativity, and quick thinking. With LOST’s commitment to gamification, you can transform any venue into an escape game, whether it’s a shopping mall, school, office, or even an outdoor area.

10. Embrace the Nightlife with Thrilling Challenges

Hong Kong’s nightlife is renowned for its energy and vibrancy. Explore the lively Lan Kwai Fong district, where bars, clubs, and entertainment venues come to life. Enhance your nightlife experience by diving into LOST’s escape games, where each challenge and puzzle is a unique opportunity to bond with friends and colleagues.

Elevate your Hong Kong experience by immersing yourself in LOST’s escape games. With over 7 branches in Hong Kong and more than 40 different themed escape games to choose from, LOST offers an adventure for every preference. From historical narratives to mystical legends, LOST’s interactive games seamlessly integrate with the best things to do in this captivating city. Whether you’re seeking team building, family fun, or a memorable outing with friends, LOST’s escape games take your Hong Kong adventure to new heights.

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