The world 1st LOST x LEGO® Themed Escape Room, recreating the LEGO® CITY Police Prison Island

球首個 LOST x LEGO® 主題密室逃脫

還原 LEGO® CITY監獄島埸景


LOST collaborates with LEGO® for the first-ever LEGO® themed escape room in Hong Kong. Drawing inspiration from the LEGO® CITY sets, LOST recreates the port landscape of LEGO® CITY Police Prison Island. Players are invited to use boundless imagination and creativity to uncover clues, delivering the most challenging and exhilarating puzzle-solving experience. Two distinct storyline rooms are crafted, one where inmates search for escape routes and execute prison break plans, and another where prison guards investigate the traces left behind by inmates, aiming to thwart their escape.


LOST 密室逃脫與 LEGO® 破天荒聯手打造全港首個 LEGO® 主題密室逃脫,以 LEGO® CITY 盒組系列為設計靈感,在 LOST 密室還原 LEGO® CITY 監獄島的埸景,讓玩家利用無窮想像力及創意尋找線索,帶來最燒腦剌激的解謎體驗。兩個不同的身份故事打造兩個主題密室,分別為囚犯尋找逃生通道,實行逃獄計劃;以及獄警搜索囚犯留下的蛛絲馬跡,阻止囚犯的逃獄行動。

Physical Game Preview:

Both escape rooms integrate the characteristics of LEGO® bricks to create puzzles, testing players’ observational skills. Additionally, players need to use LEGO® bricks to trigger mechanisms, adding more enjoyment beyond assembly and building. From 1 Feb to 30 Jun 2024, two themed escape rooms will be successively opened at the LOST Causeway Bay branch and the LOST Junior Shatin New Town Plaza branch. Tickets are priced at HK$250 per person, including a HK$50 LEGO® Box Set redemption coupon. Quickly click on the buttons below the posters to participate in the challenge!


兩個密室逃脫均融合 LEGO® 顆粒的特性創作謎題,考驗玩家觀察力,同時需要利用 LEGO® 顆粒觸發機關,在組裝及拼砌之外帶來更大樂趣。2024年2月1日至6月30日,LOST 銅鑼灣分店及及LOST Junior 沙田新城市廣場分店將會陸續開放兩個主題密室遊戲,門票為每位HK$250並包括HK$50 LEGO®盒裝產品兌換劵,快按海報下的連結參加挑戰!

Online Game Experience:

In addition to the two themed escape rooms, LOST and LEGO® have extended the fun of escape rooms to online and LEGO® certified stores. This allows players to warm up and practice games online before participating in themed escape rooms.”


除了兩個主題密室逃脫,LOSTLEGO® 更分別將密室逃脫的樂趣延伸至網上及 LEGO® 認證專門店,讓玩家參加主題密室逃脫前,先作熱身熟習遊戲。

Welcome to the online free trial, we recommend using a computer for the best visual experience!

Don’t forget to enable sound before starting the trial!

Beginner’s Guide (If you want to challenge your puzzle-solving skills, you can skip this):

  • Examine each item on the screen carefully; the colors, shapes, arrangement, and order may provide crucial hints!

  • There are a total of five levels. After successfully completing each level, pay attention to new items or changes on the screen. Use these new items to unlock the next level.

Start now!



新手玩家攻略 (想挑戰個人解謎能力,可直接跳過):

  • 細看畫面每一項物件,當中的顏色、形狀、排列方式、次序等可能會給你重要提示!

  • 一共五關, 每成功過一關,留意畫面出現的新物件或變化,運用新物件,啟動新關


LEGO® CITY Police Prison Island:

LEGO® CITY監獄島系列: