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Team building

Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. It is distinct from team training, which is designed by a combine of business managers, learning and development and an HR Business Partner to improve the efficiency, rather than interpersonal relations.

Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development that can be applied to groups for

  • aligning around goals
  • building effective working relationships
  • reducing team members’ role ambiguity
  • finding solutions to team problems

Team building is one of the most widely used group-development activities in organizations. A common strategy is to have a “team-building retreat” or “corporate love-in,” where team members try to address underlying concerns and build trust by engaging in activities that are not part of what they ordinarily do as a team

Four approaches of Team Building

  • Setting Goals
    This emphasizes the importance of clear objectives and individual and team goals. Team members become involved in action planning to identify ways to define success and failure and achieve goals. This is intended to strengthen motivation and foster a sense of ownership. By identifying specific outcomes and tests of incremental success, teams can measure their progress. Many organizations negotiate a team charter with the team and (union leaders)
  • Role clarification
    This emphasizes improving team members’ understanding of their own and others’ respective roles and duties. This is intended to reduce ambiguity and foster understanding of the importance of structure by activities aimed at defining and adjusting roles. It emphasizes the members’ interdependence and the value of having each member focus on their own role in the team’s success.
  • Problem solving
    This emphasizes identifying major problems
  • Interpersonal-relations
    This emphasizes increasing teamwork skills such as giving and receiving support, communication and sharing. Teams with fewer interpersonal conflicts generally function more effectively than others. A facilitator guides the conversations to develop mutual trust and open communication between team members.

Many people may not be aware of the team building in Hong Kong. In fact, many companies in Hong Kong take it seriously. Team building is actually some tasks and games that require collaboration. Its role includes making employees feel more attributable to the company, so that employees can relax, but the most important thing is to enable employees to cultivate a sense of group cooperation in the game.

Team Building Hong Kong

Since 2013, LOST Term Building Hong kong has been cooperating and collaborating with various brands and organisations to host their corporate team building events in Hong Kong. LOST reality escape games emphasis on developing elements such as team cooperation, communication, and comprehension for companies and corporations of all sizes. 

Our DISC certified coach will conduct our own proprietary analysis tool 16C Algorithm for debriefing session.  This Team Building Hong kong program will look at and identify a team’s basic structure and breaks it down to 16 elements that can then help fix or improve a team’s efficiency.

Escape rooms are an interactive and entertaining team building Hong Kong activity that can be used for company training or team building. In Hong Kong, we have the locations at Causeway Bay and Mong Kok which both have 7 unique themes and each room can have a maximum of 8 to 10 players. Each venue can accommodate a total of 65 people. Our Team building Hong Kong services will mainly focus on these aspects.

Communication skills:
The durations of all our themes are 45 minutes long. All puzzle triggering mechanisms need to be solved within the time limit. Most of the puzzles are solved by deciphering patterns, symbols or a small amount of text (Chinese and English). Therefore, there is not much of a language barrier. Players need to communicate constantly in order to find clues and search  for solutions.

No Hierarchy, Only Division of Labor:
Supervisors and subordinates have different functions on the job, but when you enter the escape room there’s no more hierarchy. So even if you are the boss of the group or an intern, everyone must cooperate and make use of their expertise to break through the challenges. This is also a good opportunity for the boss to pay attention to what the employees are good at, which might help the company increase productivity.

Focus on the same goal:
Sometimes there may be friction between colleagues or departments in a corporate setting, but as long as everyone is working towards the same goal everyone should strive together and overcome any disputes. Every player in the room is facing the same challenge, so you must focus on dealing with this common enemy and minimise unnecessary actions to achieve your goal.

Adversity Quotient Management:
In adversity, you need to constantly improve yourself, the escape room is no exception! Imagine what problems you encountered in your work, from the direction of the company’s development or maybe the trivial matters. You should also manage your adversity, find solutions and solve problems. This game is kind of like a simulation of how you and your teammates can solve the difficulties in the face of adversity, don’t care about winning or losing, but focus on the learning process.

Team building activities

What type of team building activity are you looking for? A business training game or a quick conference energiser? Technology-based? Active, creative or musical? Something that gives to charity? To get the most out of your team building activities you will need to tailor your activity to suit your participants. At LOST, we have divided our activities by type to help you find what you’re looking for. Browse our selection of event types and check out the team building activities.

A company has dozens of employees in dozens of departments, but many staff may only interact with members of their own department. Through team-building activities, employees can get to know colleagues from other departments, or get closer to the group Teamwork makes each other more familiar with each other. In the future, we will have more resources and automation technology to help employees handle matters within the company, and provide company teamwork efficiency. In addition to games, there are also workshops.

Indoor team building

Indoor team building is very important. Many men and women in the office may not like outdoor activities compared to indoor team building. If team building activities are outdoors, they may be put off by the idea of sweating. LOST provides indoor team building in forms of games tailored specifically to your needs. We can spice up an indoor team building technical conference, facilitate exercises which parallel work issues and provide the context to get your teams to work together more effectively. Many of our clients use our indoor team building games because of inclement weather, space limitations or tight time considerations. There are many indoor team building activities, such as VR games that many people like, so that employees can cultivate tacit understanding. However, the best indoor team building must be an indoor escape game, because escape games have a lot of puzzle solving components. Groups must cooperate to successfully escape, which can cultivate cooperation awareness and allow employees to be more integrated into the group.

Team building games

An escape room is the perfect team building game. Here are 6 reasons why.

  1. Find Strengths And Weaknesses
    The most valuable thing that team building can reveal is the strengths and weaknesses of the individuals on your team and those of your team as a whole. You don’t want to get into crunch time on a project and discover that your team is horrible at communication, or wait until it’s time to present your big presentation to realize that you don’t have a team leader. Team building game allows each member of your team to discover his or her own unique strengths and utilize them in a fun and safe environment. Team building allows you to discover gaps in your team’s communication before it becomes an issue and can allow leaders to emerge among you. (hate this) Escape rooms are perfect corporate team building activities because they get everyone on the team working together towards a common goal. The only difference between your team at an escape game room and your team at the office is that goal might be stealing a priceless work of art instead of crushing that 3 pm deadline. If your team needs to improve their communication, an escape room will give them the opportunity to work out the kinks by solving fun interactive puzzles. .
  2. Learn To Communicate Team Building Game
    Communication is key to any successful team. Whether you are getting through a Monday morning meeting with your coworkers or helping to prepare a big presentation, making sure that everyone is on the same page is extremely important. You don’t want to be duplicating someone else’s work or spending significant time going down a path that will not be productive for your team. Escape games help you develop vital communication skills in a high intensity, low stakes environment that is not make or break for your bottom line. Teams must work together not only to find clues but also to figure out how they fit together across different puzzles. Just like in a work setting, communication is also a terrific time-saver in an escape room, as players need to avoid wasting time by redoing puzzles or retrying strategies that have already not worked for other team members. Ultimately, doing an escape room is a great way to find out how well (or poorly) your team communicates under pressure, and it also gives you an opportunity to develop those skills.
  3. Learn How To Win (And Lose) Together Team Building Game
    As a team in the workplace, the outcome of any project, presentation, or competition is shared. Sometimes you win the big contract, and sometimes your proposal is rejected by the committee. Win or lose, you did the work together and will face the consequences together. This lesson is valuable for teams to learn and internalize so that each person feels that they contribute to the larger mission of the team and that their work is important to the overall outcome. Team building at escape rooms is an experience that can quickly and effectively help your team feel like a team. The immersive worlds in escape rooms will heighten the urgency of your challenge, with the clock ticking down and everyone working towards your final goal. Most importantly, either everyone escapes or no one does–no one can succeed (or fail) alone.
  4. Build Trust Team Building Game
    One of the most important parts of team building is the opportunity it affords your team to build trust quickly. Though the age-old activity for this is a standard trust fall, isn’t there a better way to build relationships? Will performing trust falls really tell you if you will be able to work efficiently and effectively with your coworkers? Maybe not. What you really need to be able to trust your teammates with is the work they contribute to your projects or your everyday office environment. Can you trust them to be capable and helpful? Can you trust them to be persistent and collaborative? These are questions you can’t answer with a trust fall, but you can answer in an escape room. After you’ve escaped a room with your team, you can have faith that Bob and Jill can successfully tackle any project together, since they worked so well together figuring out that puzzle that no one else understood. And Dave was great at encouraging your team and keeping everyone on task, so you will have no trouble following his lead at the office. The trust you build in an escape room is just the kind of trust you need.

Whether your team is new or has been working together for years, team building is a chance to get everyone out of a typical office setting and do something fun that can teach your team valuable, applicable lessons.

Team building games such as escape games can cultivate the spirit of division of labor and cooperation in teams, and use team formation to pass the way to enable employees to achieve tacit understanding and trust in cooperation with colleagues who rarely meet in the team building game.

Team building training

The purpose of team building training activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team building training exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. Be sure to incorporate team building into your workplace routines and practices.

Escape games for team building training activities have a good effect. Team building can train employees to recognize their own advantages and disadvantages and think more innovatively. Employees’ daily exposure to the same or similar things is easy to constrain their ideas. Through Team Building training activities, employees can be exposed to completely different conditions and cooperation opportunities. Let employees jump out of the framework of ordinary thinking and accept more idea-oriented, which will help the company team to have more diverse opinions and innovative ideas when discussing in the future.

Employees perform the same things in the same position for a long time in the company, which is easy to cause employees to ignore their shortcomings and unable to recognize their own advantages. Through the team formation process of team activities, employees can recognize and discover their own advantages and disadvantages and work in the future. The employees in the position can take the initiative to strive for their own competent and competent work, and at the same time can improve their own shortcomings, and the supervisor can also assign work to each person’s strengths and weaknesses.