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Team Building - 6 game modes that can offer you the ultimate team building experience!

There is quite a lot of benefit about team building including effective communication, planning skills, team players motivation, and collaboration. Fun activities that help people see each other in a different light allow them to connect in a different setting. There LOST designed 6 different team building activities to suit all you need!

Team Battle

LOST Team battle is a competitive yet light hearted escape room challenge that pitches multiple teams against each other in order to see who will get the most points! Not only will they have to strategise to escape the room, but they have to plan ahead and outsmart the other teams as well. Let’s see which team will stand up on top!


Corporate Training

Want something with a bit more substance and takeaway? Our corporate training package includes a professional facilitator that will help your team improve their synergy and critical thinking. Your team won’t have to be stuck inside a lecture hall or classroom, they can learn while in action!

Team Arena

Got a lot of people? Our Team Arena package can help you out by hosting a large scale event that can cater over 100 people. This game mode isn’t constrained to an escape room, but an arena where you and your team can compete in puzzle solving, mini-games and challenges. Lets which team can win the most and be crown the champion of the arena!


Team Challenge

Want an event that focuses on completing a mutual goal? Our Team Challenge might just fulfil your request! In addition to playing our escape rooms, the team will have to lookout for a series of side mission in order to fill up a “Task Gauge” that will be accumulated throughout the whole event. Can your team breakthrough the threshold and achieve victory?

Escape Run

Want your team to step out of their comfort zone? LOST Escape Run is perfect for you!  This mode is a great blend of treasure hunting and escape rooms. Players must complete a series of tasks around town and then come back to our centre to do the final challenge, an Escape Room!


Virtual Escape

Got a team from all over the world? Why not do some team building with them online!
 Our Virtual escape experience helps teams with members that aren’t all based in the same location, but want to enjoy and escape room together. If you want to add a little spice for a bigger group you can even choose to do a Virtual Team Battle! Distance doesn’t exist with the Virtual Escape!

Why choose LOST Team Building?

Since 2013, LOST has been cooperating with plenty of brands and institutions to hold team building events regionally. LOST escape game emphasises elements of Intelligence, Interaction, Imagination and Investigation for different size of team and companies to cultivate their bonding and unlock their capability.

Why LOST is one of the best options for team building, corporate training, corporate events, and gamification:

  • Unique and Engaging Escape Games: LOST offers immersive and challenging escape games that are designed to foster teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills. Our games provide a thrilling and interactive experience that keeps participants engaged and motivated throughout the activity.
  • Customisation for Brands and Corporates: LOST specialises in creating customised gamification experiences for brands and corporates. We understand the specific needs and objectives of each client and tailor their games and activities to align with the brand message or training goals. This level of customisation allows companies to create a unique and memorable experience for the employees.
  • Team Building and Collaboration: LOST’s escape games require participants to work together as a team to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and complete challenges within a limited time frame. This encourages collaboration, enhances communication skills, and strengthens the bonds between team members. By promoting teamwork and problem-solving, LOST effectively contributes to team building efforts.
  • Skill Development: LOST’s games are designed to develop various skills that are crucial in a corporate environment. Participants can improve their critical thinking, decision-making, creativity, and time management abilities. These skills are transferable to the workplace, making the experience at LOST valuable for professional growth and development.
  • Gamified Learning: LOST incorporates gamification principles into our activities, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective. By applying game elements such as challenges, rewards, and competition, participants become more motivated and engaged in the training or team building exercises. This gamified approach enhances knowledge retention and promotes a positive learning experience.
  • Global Presence and Experience: With our headquarters in Hong Kong and operating branches globally, LOST has gained extensive experience in catering to a diverse range of clients and cultures. Our global presence ensures that we can adapt our games and services to different corporate environments, making them a reliable choice for multinational companies.
  • Diverse Range of Game Themes: LOST offers a wide variety of game themes to cater to different preferences and interests. Whether it’s a thrilling adventure, a mysterious crime scene, a historical setting, or a futuristic challenge, LOST provides immersive and captivating scenarios that engage participants from various backgrounds and industries.
  • Scalability for Large Groups: LOST has the capability to accommodate large groups, making it suitable for corporate events or team-building activities involving a significant number of participants. Our games are designed to ensure that everyone in the group can actively participate and contribute to the overall experience.
  • Professional Facilitation: Our experienced and professional facilitators who guide participants throughout the game. They ensure that everyone understands the rules, provides hints when needed, and ensures a smooth and enjoyable experience for all. Also their expertise in managing group dynamics and maintaining a positive atmosphere adds value to the overall event.
  • Post-Game Debriefing: After completing the game, We will conduct a debriefing session to reflect on the experience and discuss the key takeaways. This debriefing allows participants to analyse their performance, identify areas of improvement, and relate the lessons learned to real-life work situations. The debriefing session enhances the learning outcomes and helps participants apply their newfound skills and knowledge effectively.
  • Continuous Innovation: LOST strives to stay at the forefront of the escape game industry by regularly introducing new game concepts, technologies, and interactive elements. Their commitment to innovation ensures that each experience is fresh, exciting, and tailored to meet the evolving needs and expectations of their clients.
  • Extensive Client Portfolio: LOST has worked with a diverse range of clients, including renowned brands, multinational corporations, and government organisations. Our extensive client portfolio speaks to our credibility and ability to deliver exceptional experiences that meet the unique requirements of each client.
  • Positive Customer Reviews: LOST has received numerous positive reviews and testimonials from satisfied customers. These reviews highlight the effectiveness of their team-building activities, the professionalism of their staff, and the overall enjoyment and value gained from the experience.

LOST stands out as a top choice for team building, corporate training, corporate events, and gamification because of our unique and engaging escape games, customisation options, focus on teamwork and collaboration, skill development, gamified learning approach, and global experience. These factors contribute to making LOST an excellent partner for companies looking to enhance their teams’ dynamics, foster learning, and create memorable corporate experiences.

Want a competitive and light-hearted event to lift everyone’s spirits?  Try team battles!

Want some training to learn how to improve your team’s communication and problem-solving skills?  Try corporate training!

4 Reasons Why Escape Room is the Best Team Building Game

Team Building helps uncover individual and team strengths and weaknesses within a team. Effectively empowers each member of your team to discover their unique strengths and utilize them in a fun and safe environment. Team Building lets you spot gaps in your team's communication before they become problems, and lets leaders stand out among you. Escape rooms are perfect corporate team building activities because they get everyone on the team working towards a common goal.
Communication is key to any successful team. Whether you're finishing a Monday morning meeting with colleagues or helping prepare a large presentation, it's important to make sure everyone is on the same page. You don't want to duplicate someone else's work or spend a lot of time down a path that doesn't benefit your team. Escape rooms help you develop important communication skills in a high-intensity, low-stakes environment that doesn't impact your bottom line. Teams not only have to work together to find clues, but also figure out how they fit together in different puzzles. Just like in a work environment, communication is an excellent time saver in escape rooms, as players need to avoid wasting time by redoing puzzles or retrying strategies that other team members have not worked. Ultimately, an escape room is a great way to see how well your team communicates under pressure, and it also gives you the opportunity to develop those skills.
As a workplace team, the results of any project or competition are shared. Sometimes you win big contracts, sometimes your proposals get rejected. Win or lose, work together and face the consequences together. This lesson is valuable for team learning so that everyone will want to contribute to the team. In the immersive world of escape rooms, there will be challenges and pressures, the clock is ticking, and everyone is working towards the ultimate goal. Bottom line, escape together, or fail together - no one can succeed (or fail) alone.
One of the most important parts of team training is that it provides the team with the opportunity to quickly build trust. What you really need to be able to trust your teammates is the work they do for your projects or your day-to-day office environment. Can you trust them to be competent and helpful? Can you trust them to be persistent and collaborative? These are questions you can't answer with a drop in trust. But you can escape rooms, and after you escape a room with your team, you can trust that the members can successfully solve any project together because they work together so well and solve difficult problems that no one else can understand.

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