At LOST, we take having fun very seriously and so besides having fun at our escape rooms, we also want you to have fun at home afterwards! LOST is providing everyone with the ultimate board game experience. Learn to have fun, anytime, anywhere!

LOST Drinking Party Game!

Don’t wanna drink just for the sake of drinking? Wanna get wild with your friends, but have a reason for it? 

Let the LOST Party Game be your reason! Loaded with hilarious punishments and tasks, you and your friends are bound to have an unforgettable party game moment.

We also have kids friendly version to unlock their hidden potential, ready for to party it up?!

LOST 不只有密室逃脫讓你們體驗無限歡樂,亦設計出不同的桌上遊戲以考驗你們的智慧、運氣、技術,讓你們能隨時隨地體驗迷失的樂趣。無論在家、辦公室或者派對當中,讓大家盡情狂歡!

LOST 飲酒Party Game!

飲酒不需找理由! 想與一眾好友一起瘋狂,飲個痛快? 讓 LOST Party Game 滿足你! 充滿了有趣的懲罰和任務,大家一定會度過一個難忘的派對遊戲時刻。