Role-Play Escape Game

LOST 一直致力於創作出不同的遊戲體驗,這一次把劇本殺加以改良,將劇本殺實境化,混合了密室逃脫,結合角色扮演,具備「解謎題」、「動機關」、「搜證據」、「找主謀」、「尋真相」等懸疑推理元素讓大家共同調查案件的始末。參與者須在一個配備了音效、燈光、道具、及各種機關的真實場景內擔任自己的角色並且進行任務,因此整個劇本必須靠眾人的參與才能向前推進,將整個故事還原,透過每位玩家的劇情細節推理出案件的真相, 切記每個角色的劇情都有關連,才能結合整個故事的每個篇章。 「角色逃殺」遊戲過程中並沒有演員,整個過程靠玩家把角色帶入的程度越深,越能沉浸在故事劇情帶來的情緒張力中。遊戲適合四人或以上,遊戲時間為60分鐘,真相,永遠只有一個!

LOST has always been committed to creating different game experiences. This time, We’ll be taking a unique spin on Live Action Role Playing games (LARP) and created a different kind of game with room escape elements. Role Play Escape Games combine the story writing of LARP games, with our signature escape room’s “puzzle solving”, “mechanisms”, and “clue searching”. In this new type of game you’ll need to find the mastermind and uncover the truth behind the whole incident. Everyone has to part in the game and play their roles in order to figure other the order of events. Players will be placed in a real scene equipped with sound effects, lights, props, and various gadgets. Therefore, the entire game must rely on the participation of everyone to move forward and piece together the entire story. Each player’s back story will be integral to the story and every detail may be related to the truth of the mystery. We hope the setting of each game will help the players immerse into the game and let them have fun pretending to be someone else. The game is suitable for four or more players, the game time is 60 minutes, and remember… There is always only one truth!


The Origin of the LARP games: Participants will be randomly assigned to play different roles in the script. Then, according to the development of the plot, they will start deducting and figure out the relationship between the characters, find evidence, and finally uncover the truth. LARPs are generally revolve around paper scripts and other paper prompts. The scripts LARPs are usually contain a lot of words and very strong reading and comprehension skills are required which means the game time is generally more than four hours.

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The Will

LOST Central
A bizarre murder case happened in Rowan’s Alberose Garden. This mysterious castle was built with a complex structure and...

Location: LOST Central
Duration: 60 minutes
Participant: 4 people
Tickets: $250/per person