LOST games can add a lot of joy to your party. Our games are both challenging and interesting. It can strengthen communication and cooperation between everyone. From a puzzle solving to activating mechanisms, it requires everyone to co-operate with each other and use their strengths to complete tasks. LOST Mini Game can be used anywhere, whether it it be birthday parties, anniversaries, school events, or wedding games.

At the birthday party, you can give the birthday person a special surprise. You can also make special arrangements to suit your special occasion. The possibilities are endless, and only limited to your imagination! Time for your mini games from 20 to 60 minutes. Annual events for your company, can involve all the bosses and employees to have a great time. Everyone can play together and increase loyalty. Companies can use our games as a way to distribute and teach information in a fun and engaging way, breaking away from the usual boring classroom style workshops.

In terms of school activities, we have assisted local and international schools to turn their classrooms into escape rooms, adding STEAM elements to enrich the learning experience, use creative puzzles to nurture critical thinking and increase their interest in education. For wedding games, wether it Chinese wedding door games or a game corner at your banquet, you can also use LOST Mini Game and everyone will have a brand new experience normally not seen at weddings. If you are interested, please contact our staff for details.

LOST opens pop-up stores from time to time, appearing in the form of limited themes, and setting up theme games in shopping malls on different festivals, such as Lunar New Year, Easter, summer vacation, Halloween, Christmas. LOST Pop-Up can drive the flow of people in the mall and stimulate consumption. In the past, LOST has collaborated with many brands to tailor make escape room games, allowing customers to have a unique experience. From a business perspective, there is an ROX (Return of Experience) in addition to ROI (Return of Investment). Therefore, LOST also cooperates with different hotels to change a hotel room into an escape room.

LOST 不定期開設pop up店,以期間限定主題形式出現,在不同的節日於商場設置主題遊戲例如在農曆新年、復活節、暑假、萬聖節、聖誕節,可以為商場帶動人流亦可以刺激消費。LOST 過往聯乘不少品牌出現在密室逃脫遊戲,讓客戶有更加深的體驗。從商業角度來說,ROI (Return of Investment) 之外還要有 ROX (Return of Experience) 。故此LOST亦有跟不同酒店合作,將酒店房間打造成為密室主題,一個不一樣的體驗,遊戲也可以為不同組合定制,無論大小朋友也有一種嶄新的娛樂體驗。