Discover Innovative Party Favors for Unforgettable Children’s Celebrations at LOST / LOST Junior

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Make your child’s celebration extra special with innovative and delightful party favors that will leave young guests beaming with joy. At LOST / LOST Junior, we offer a unique selection of party favors that go beyond the ordinary, ensuring a truly memorable experience.

1. Personalized Treasure Chests – Take Home Memories

Let young adventurers take home personalized treasure chests filled with surprises and mementos from the party. These custom-made chests add a touch of excitement and make each guest feel like a true explorer.

2. DIY Escape Room Kits – Continue the Adventure

Extend the celebration beyond the party with DIY escape room kits that kids can enjoy at home. Packed with puzzles and challenges, these kits keep the excitement alive long after the celebration ends.

3. Adventure-Themed Activity Books – Learning and Fun

Spark creativity and learning with adventure-themed activity books. Filled with puzzles, coloring pages, and brain teasers, these books entertain and engage young minds.

4. Mini Escape Room Puzzles – Pocket-Sized Fun

Give kids a taste of escape room excitement with mini puzzles that fit in their pockets. These portable puzzles provide entertainment on the go.

5. Customizable Goodie Bags – Choose Your Faves

Let children create their own goodie bags with a selection of treats and surprises. Our customizable goodie bags cater to individual preferences, ensuring smiles all around.

6. Adventure Maps – Navigate the Fun

Provide each child with an adventure map that leads them to hidden treasures and surprises around the party venue. This interactive favor adds an element of discovery to the celebration.

7. DIY Craft Kits – Creative Keepsakes

Encourage creativity with DIY craft kits that kids can assemble themselves. These crafty keepsakes allow young guests to create something special to remember the celebration.

8. Personalized Puzzle Keychains – A Personal Touch

Give each child a puzzle keychain with their name on it. These personalized keepsakes double as a fun puzzle for kids to solve.

9. Adventure Storybooks – Tales of Wonder

Ignite imaginations with adventure storybooks that transport kids to magical worlds and daring quests. These storybooks make for delightful bedtime reading and cherished memories.

10. Themed Character Masks – Become the Hero

Provide themed character masks that allow kids to become their favorite heroes or heroines. Watch as their imaginations take flight during the party.

With these innovative party favors, LOST / LOST Junior ensures a children’s celebration that is filled with joy, creativity, and lasting memories. Book now and delight your young guests with unique and delightful party favors they’ll treasure!

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