Nathan Road 452
彌敦道 452


In March 1953, there were frequent mahjong sounds in an apartment on the fourth floor of a building on Nathan Road. This has happened for consecutive nights and there were even people ordering takeout from that house, but when paying for the food, only a hand came out to hand over the money. At first, nothing seemed strange or paranormal about that apartment. However, after returning to the restaurant, it was found that all the money received had turned into the white paper.

The police arrived to inspect the scene and went to the street across to look at the fourth-floor unit. To their surprise, they can hear the sound of mahjong, but can’t see anyone. The incident attracted thousands of onlookers and even newspaper reporters, but no one dared to go upstairs and knock on the door.

In the end, the police had to seal off the apartment unit. After that, the inspector and case reporter suddenly disappeared and were never to be found. In the end, the incident was dropped with no answers, but you are very curious about it and you don’t hesitate to go back to the apartment unit to find out the truth…

1953年3月,彌敦道一幢大廈的一個四樓單位頻頻傳出麻雀聲,令人難以置信的是連續幾晚都有人叫外賣,屋內卻只有一隻手伸出來交接,完全見不到屋內環境,甚至叫外賣者的容貌。這本來亦無甚麼特別,但是回到舖頭後,竟發現剛才收的錢全部變成白紙。 警察到場視察,甚至走到對面街望向這個單位,現場所有人(連警察在內)都只聽到麻雀聲而不見有人打牌。事件引來過千市民圍觀以及報紙記者採訪,但始終無人敢上樓拍門。 據報最後警方只好封鎖該單位,經過一輪擾攘後,傳言說當天有份調查的警員及報警者都一一消失不見,遍尋不獲,事件最後不了了之。


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