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LOST at your venue?

  • LOST Can help build an exciting escape room at your own location! We can tailor-made an exclusive theme for your experience and cater towards your own needs and specifications!
  • We can set-up escape rooms anywhere from your office building, clubhouse, shopping mall, warehouse and even garages.


Need to unite your team and deliver a specific message in a fun way? We can help you design and create a unique escape game experience for your company with your message and values embedded.


Learning happens everywhere! Especially with STEAM education being popular nowadays, why not let us tailor-make an escape game with some STEAM elements for you. The best way to train up students IQ, EQ, AQ, cooperation and social skill is by hands on experience. Even when facing a difficult challenge the players can learn how to face failure.


Have a festival, anniversary, or special day you want to celebrate and make your guests an unforgettable experience? Here we are! Get our team to help you on designing and set up a special theme for escape game. LOST is here for you!

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