Wizard and Dungeon


You woke up from your sleep, and found that you were in a cold prison cell. Except for walls and iron bars, not even a window for light can be found in this narrow area. Your head hurts…how did you get here? You looked outside the fence, and there was an old study room with books neatly arranged on the shelves.

In the legend, there was a long-lost magic ritual developed by the great wizards who were the ancestors of the Magic World. The ritual needs to be performed on the night of the full moon, which is the moment when the power of the moonlight is strongest. If successful, it can swap and transfer any form of energy, such as swapping souls, moving mountains and filling the seas…even reverse light and dark. But there was a serious secret concern in this magic ritual.

Among the many wizard factions, there’s a faction that advocates dark magic. They’ve always maintained the balance of the Magic World with other wizard factions of light magic. Dark magic is a very important part of the Magic World, but it’s also very dangerous: As darkness could spawn from light, yet it could never produce light. Some people in the black magic faction have always thought that it is unfair to the dark that the world is dominated by light magic. Therefore, if the method of the ritual falls into the hands of these evil wizards from the dark magic faction, the order of the Magic World will be reversed. Once the darkness has taken over the world, there will be no more light – including the light of the full moon that’s necessary for the ritual. Since this is an irreversible situation, the ritual is considered as a taboo. In order to prevent future generations from discovering and misusing it, the great wizards hid the scroll that has a record about the ritual. This primal magic has been lost since then. 

After years of searching, an evil wizard of the dark magic faction actually found that secret scroll of the forbidden ritual. Tonight is the night of the full moon. If the ritual has successfully completed, dark magic will rule everything. All life that exists with the light will have nowhere to escape…until the end of being wiped out.

Yes…you remember. In order to find the scroll and destroy it, you sneaked into the hideout of the evil wizard to investigate. When you got inside the wizard’s secret dungeon and were about to rummage through everything, you felt some sort of slam on the back of your head and you went blackout…this was the last thing you remember before you lose consciousness. 

You saw a timer in the room counting down to 45 minutes. Is the evil wizard preparing something for the ritual? If so, he should be back when the time is up…Hurry, find the scroll and get out of this dungeon before he comes back!




在眾多的巫師派系中有一個派系崇尚黑暗魔法,一直以來都與其他光明魔法的派系維持著魔法世界的平衡。黑暗魔法十分重要,卻也十分危險:因為光能生暗,暗卻無法生光。黑魔法派系中一直有人認為世界以光明魔法為主導是對黑暗的不公,因此,要是儀式進行的方法落入了這些心懷不軌的黑魔法巫師手中,魔法世界的秩序就會被顛倒。一旦黑暗籠罩世界,光明將不復存在 — 包括儀式所必要的月圓之光。由於這是個無法逆轉的情況,這項儀式被視為禁忌。為了防止後世發現而濫用,大巫師們把儀式秘籍藏了起來,這項魔法也就此失傳。



你看見房內有一個倒數著的計時器,上面顯示時間還有 45 分鐘。是邪惡巫師正在準備儀式要用的東西嗎?如果是這樣,他應該會在時間到的時候回來…趕快,得在他回來之前帶著秘籍逃出這個地牢!


  • lost_hk
  • LOST Junior @ D2 PLACE TWO
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