There are many castles in the UK with plentiful history and architectural features. Among them, Glamis Castle is famous for its supernatural atmosphere. All the rumors about “ghosts” have made Glamis Castle the most eerie castle in Scotland. Therefore, this castle is also a popular place for the youth to hold the activity for testing courage.
Recently, there have been reports of the youths going missing after entering the castle. Although the police have investigated this site many times, the mysteries still remain. The news spread quickly in the regions nearby. The rumours of the haunted castle have become even more popular.

As a talented detective, you often assist the local police in investigations. This series of incidents has caught your interest. Of course closing the case just by saying it’s “haunted” and giving up the investigation is not acceptable to you. So you decide to enter the castle to investigate at the same time as the missing people incidents.
The whole castle has a very weird atmosphere. Yet it seems the place was deliberately arranged by someone, in order to match with the rumors of the haunting……You had a feeling that these ghost stories are used as a smokescreen for someone to cover some kind of crime.

It’s show time for your detective skills! What secrets does this “haunted” castle hide? How did the youths suddenly disappear from this castle? These young ones, is it too late to save them…?





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