Ferdinand Magellan was a Portuguese explorer who worked on expeditions for the Spanish government. He led a fleet to voyage around the world for the first time from 1519 to 1521, and died in a conflict with a local tribe in the Philippines. Although he didn’t finish the journey himself, the remaining sailors in his fleet carried on his will after his death and continued to sail westward. In the end, this fleet that consisted of 5 ships and about 270 people has only left with one ship carrying the remaining 18 people back to Europe, and completed the first round world voyage in history.

It was said that the purpose of Magellan’s trip was to find the “Spice Islands” in Southeast Asia. The journey of Magellan’s fleet has crossed two oceans, and they visited many different islands. Of course, there were many rare treasures collected on the way as well. With the precious spices obtained from the Spice Islands trade, it made the ships become a treasure trove. According to the log brought back by the surviving crew members, only two of the five ships in Magellan’s fleet have successfully reached their destination. Except for the Victoria which returned to Europe, the other ship named Trinidad was captured by the Portuguese who occupied the Spice Islands. It should still be there. Since the ship that returned to Europe brought back the spices, the rest of the treasure must be on the other ship! The rumor said that in order to protect the treasure from the Portuguese, the crew of the Trinidad took the risk to hide all the treasures somewhere in the Spice Islands before they got caught. They’ve left messages on the ship that only their crews could understand, as clues to tell the location of the treasure.

You have always been obsessed with studying history, and you are very interested in this rumor. Assuming that the Trinidad hadn’t been destroyed or sunk by the Portuguese back then, the clues to the treasures may still be well preserved. Today, you decide to bring your team to find out. But when you reach your destination and start inquiring about the information from the locals, you learn that another group of treasure hunters is also looking for the Trinidad. According to the locals, they’ll be set off in about 35 minutes. No time to waste if you want to get ahead.

Explorers, let’s go! Head for the Spice Islands, and find the location of the Trinidad. Get the treasure left by Magellan’s fleet before the other parties reach it!


斐迪南·麥哲倫(Ferdinand Magellan)是一位葡萄牙探險家,為西班牙政府效力探險。他曾在1519至1521年率領船隊首次環航地球,並死於與菲律賓當地部族的衝突中。雖然他沒有親自環球,但他船上餘下的水手在他死後繼承其遺志,繼續向西航行。最終,這支由5條海船、約270人組成的遠航船隊,只剩1條船載著餘下的18人回到歐洲,完成了歷史上首個環球航行之旅。


一直醉心研究歷史的你,對這個傳聞十分感興趣,假設千里達號當年沒有被葡萄牙人破壞或沉沒,寶藏的線索有機會仍然保存完好。今天,你就決定帶上你的探險團隊前去一探究竟。但是當你們到達了目的地,開始向當地人打聽消息時,你得知有另一個寶藏獵人組織也同樣在尋找特立尼達號。據當地人所說,他們大概在 35 分鐘後就會出發,你們若想搶佔先機,就得把握時間了。



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