Tricky Treats


Do you like candies? Speaking of the most delicious candy in the world, the products of “Hansel & Gretel” are a must to mention. The reason why the brand is named “Hansel & Gretel”, is because the candies made by this factory are as attractive to children as in the fairy tale. There are even rumors that they added magic into the candies, so the customers will never get enough for it.

“Hansel & Gretel” will host a factory open day event every year. As long as you get the limited tickets that are randomly hidden in the packaging when you buy candies, you will be able to participate in the event of the year. Everyone looks forward to it and hopes to be the lucky one, so as to discover the secret of these magical candies.

Now, you and the other children who also got the tickets have assembled at the gate of the factory. How did you get your tickets? Well…let’s just say, you almost ate it with the candies. Everyone seemed to have arrived, the gate slowly opened and an old lady came out to greet you. “I’m the owner of the factory. Welcome to “Hansel & Gretel”. In today’s visit, you will not only learn about the production process of our products. You will also have an opportunity to make your unique candy as a souvenir. Enjoy your visit.” She led you into the factory, and the gate was slowly closed after all of you entered. 

Just like its name, the whole factory is like a candy house! Walls, floors, pillars, tables, and chairs, are all made with sweets and desserts! The air was filled with some sweet scent. This is a kind of smell you didn’t know before. You felt that your mind was getting tipsy, and you couldn’t really hear what the owner was saying…You followed the team in a daze, but then you accidentally bumped into the wall next to you. You came back to your senses in an instant. Unexpectedly, a small gap slightly opened on the wall. There’s a hidden door? The owner didn’t seem to notice what happened here yet. You peeked inside and saw a boiling pot which seemed to be making some magic potion. And those who are working here…aren’t they the “lucky children” who got the tickets for the previous events?! The child who was stirring the pot seemed to be tired, his speed slowed down but was immediately scolded severely by the supervisor. You watched the child’s tears drop into the pot, and the potion changed color. Another batch of workers came to pick up the potion and transported it away immediately.

So this is the secret of “Hansel & Gretel”! “We’re short of manpower at the moment. If you enjoy your visit, would you be interested in joining us and working here as well? Delicious desserts for free every day!” The other children showed their interest, but only you remained silent, following the team at the back, and didn’t know what to do. The guided tour will end in 35 minutes, you must find a way to tell the others the truth and escape from the factory! Be careful, never act rashly, and alert the enemy…






原來這就是”糖果屋”的美味秘方!「我們正缺人手,如果大家喜歡,有沒有興趣加入我們,留在工廠工作?每天都可以吃美味的甜點喔!」其他的孩子們紛紛表示有興趣,只有你默默跟在隊伍後頭不知如何是好。參觀時間還有 35 分鐘就結束了,必須想辦法把真相告知其他人並逃出工廠!小心,絕不可打草驚蛇…



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