Treasure Island 1881
金銀島 1881


Treasure Island is also known as Cocos Island. It is said that there are at least six treasures buried on the island. The most attractive one is the treasure on the “Mary Dear” sailing ship in 1820, Captain Thompson killed most of the people on the ship and buried the treasure in a mysterious cave on the island. Until 1844, the captain passed away and left a treasure map. In 1978, the Costa Rica government closed Cocos Island in order to protect the environment, and no one was allowed to dig. However, what is the secret behind this? Can we find treasures of “Treasure Island”?


金銀島又名可可島, 據說島上至少埋有6處寶藏,其中最吸引的就是1820年“親愛瑪麗”號帆船上的寶藏。據說船長湯普森見財起意, 殺了大部分船上的人, 將寶藏埋藏於島上的一個神秘的洞穴內, 直至1844年, 船長離開人世, 留下了一張難辨真偽的藏寶圖。1978年, 哥斯達黎加政府以保護生態環境為理由, 封閉了可可島, 嚴禁任何人挖掘。然而這之中又隱藏了一個怎樣的秘密? “金銀島”的寶藏會永遠被埋藏且不見天日?

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