The Windsor


In 1981, there was an urban legend about the Woo Sin (Also know as the Fox Spirit) going around. It is said that the children who had full moon celebrations held in the Windsor Building will all die unexpectedly.

Among the many rumours, the most controversial is about a couple who had a full moon celebration in the restaurant, the woman dreamed of a fox with red eyes and razor-sharp fangs, and blamed her for not toasting it, and she was extremely disrespectful this angered Woo Sin. The cost to repay for this sin… was the life of her child.

After waking up from the dream, the woman ran to the crib, but the baby was pale, bluish, and purple, and he had stopped breathing. It was later confirmed to be sudden death. It was also said that the baby’s blood was sucked dry and his face was distorted. The incident is still a mystery.

Today, you are here at a full moon celebration and during the middle of dinner the light begins to flicker and you come to find yourself alone in the restaurant. It’s now time to find the cause of the supernatural phenomenon…





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