The Vigilante



As we reach closer to the singularity, modern lives are all inseparable from technology. Daily life, transportation, and even the distance between people, as long as they are on the internet, the world will be connected. Whether you are an ordinary office worker or a wealthy entrepreneur, in the world of the internet, everyone is equal. This is why citizens can now have more channels to monitor the upper class people with power. Gradually, in this era of rapid technological development, a new type of occupation has spawned: the Hacker.
These mysterious people show their talents in the online world. With their superb computer techniques, some people choose to secretly seek for justice and fight for those who were unfairly treated; But of course, as the internet is no longer separable with life, there are also people who have ambitions to control the entire society.

You’re a member of an underground hacker organization that is committed to fight against the criminal activities in the city. From exposing the corruption and fraud of unscrupulous companies, to tracking down street robberies and car thefts, your organization is often secretly involved.
One day, your stronghold got hacked by another group of hackers who are also highly skilled. They’ve left a challenge letter on your computer…The hostile hacker group has hidden several bombs in the city’s gas pipeline network, and using one of the main bomb as a trigger. Once the main bomb explodes, it will detonate all the bombs in the city and causing a series gas explosion disasters. In order to find out the locations of all the bombs and defuse the main bomb as soon as possible, you have to sneak into the enemy’s positions for investigate. Through counter-tracking, you finally found the stronghold of the hostile hackers seems to be in an old warehouse.

You’ve hacked and disabled their surveillance system. The system will automatically restart after 45 minutes, you must find as much information as you can and leave the site before being spotted. Show your techniques as a hacker and save the city!




你們駭入了貨倉的監視系統並將其癱瘓,以便潛入調查。系統 45 分鐘後就會自動重啟,你們必須在被發現之前找出盡可能多的情報然後離開。利用你的黑客技術,拯救這座城市吧!

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