The Silent Night Key


When you were a kid, your favourite thing was to sit around the fireplace with other children and listen to your grandfather’s Christmas legends, including your favourite story about a mysterious train that could lead you to the land of winter elves.

Legend has it that if you go to the train station on Christmas Eve night and hear the bell ringing when no one is around, the key to start the mysterious train would appear. As soon as midnight passes, the key will disappear. If you can find it before Christmas and use it to start the train that parks in the train station, the train will be filled with the magic of the winter elves and they will take you to their kingdom.

That mysterious place is covered in snow all year round, and hospitable winter elves will invite you to join in their celebrations, full of food, beauty and joy.

Today, many years later, it is the annual Christmas Eve. Just after a party, you pass the train station on your way home and inadvertently remember the story told by your grandfather as a child. You decide to stop and go inside the train station. Unlike the busy-ness of the day, the train is neatly parked, and the train station after closing is very peaceful and quiet, suitable for a walk. After lingering for a moment, you were ready to leave ….

“Ding-dong… Ding-dong…” A crisp sound reaches your ears. Did the wind blow the Christmas decorations in the station? You look around confused, the bell rings again, and this time, the source of the sound is moving, as if it’s trying to guide you somewhere.

Could it be that the story of the mysterious train is true? You immediately look at your watch… 11:40 p.m. That means, to find and start the train before the magic key disappears, you only have 20 minutes. Rare opportunity, can you get your ticket to the Winter Elf Land in time for a different dreamy Christmas?








難道神秘列車的故事是真的?你馬上看了一下手錶…晚上11點40分。也就是說,要在魔法鎖匙消失之前找到並發動列車,你只有 20 分鐘的時間。機會難得,你能不能及時找到前往冬季精靈國度的入場券,過一個不一樣的夢幻聖誕?




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