The Rescue



There was a Heist Group that was composed of highly skilled criminals in the city. By looting new weapons and selling them on the black market, they had been engaged in the arms smuggling business in the underground society. The methods of this group were extremely cautious and scheming. Their targets were often some highly-secured private security companies, or even military bases. Once being targeted, it will definitely cause heavy losses. But because of the way they committed the crime, they were difficult to be tracked. This was always a pain for the local police. 


As agents of the Super Detective Alliance, you’ve been tracking this Heist Group for years. All of your investigations have finally led you to a restaurant, which is suspected to be their stronghold. In order to dismantle this group of criminals, the Alliance have sent several agents to infiltrate the restaurant for an undercover operation. In this whole time, you have dug up a lot of information about the blackmarket trade of this Heist Group.

One day, when you contacted the undercover agents at the scheduled time as usual, you found that they didn’t respond. And for the next two days, they remained silent. You immediately consulted the miniature cameras that they’ve installed in the restaurant, and found that the undercover agents were already exposed.  The criminals have locked them inside the restaurant’s warehouse. You must save them before their lives are in danger! The dinner session will end in 45 minutes, now will be your chance to blend into the customers and rescue the agents who have been held hostage! The support force has been ambushed outside the restaurant in response to the rescue operation. It’s time to wipe out this group of underground criminals.


Will you be able to rescue the trapped agents and successfully dismantle the Heist Group before they notice your operation?





有一天,當你們如常在既定時間聯絡那幾位臥底探員時,他們並沒有回應,而接下來的兩天,他們也了無音訊。你們馬上調閱事先在餐廳安裝的針孔攝影機,得知幾位探員的行蹤已被對方發現,並被對方關在了餐廳的倉庫裡。必須在探員們有生命危險之前盡快把他們救出!餐廳的晚市時段距離結束還有 45 分鐘,現在正正是混入顧客之中營救被困探員們的好機會!支援部隊也已因應救援行動埋伏好在餐廳外面,接下來就是把這個地下犯罪組織一網打盡的時候了。




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