The Perfect Heist


In Argentina, a genius named Fernando Araujowith, with an IQ of 173, brought in four experts with different skills, armed with explosives, stormed a Rio Bank in San Isidro. He orchestrated the heist of the century that shocked the world and is known as one of the most infamous bank robberies in history. The incident was later made into a famous movie.

In January 2006, it is said that while smoking, he looked at his falling cigarette butt and figured out the underground water channel is connected to the bank basement. So, he produced an amazing heist plan. Initially, the criminal organization was thinking about how to rob from the bank by brute force, but Araujo had been planning for years to enter the bank unnoticed and steal. Finally, he devised a plan that relies on tunnels that run underneath the streets and into the rivers.

Araujo thought all he had to do was find one that would take him near the riverbank and dig upward to the bank vault. However, there is one more problem to solve before the plan is implemented and that is to disable the bank alarm system. The only way to do so, is to directly enter the bank during working hours and turn off the alarm system. So on January 13, Araujo led a team to stage this perfect bank theft plan. A few people entered the bank and immediately blacked out the CCTV cameras, ordered the guards to shut down the gates, and then took 23 hostages.

The police finally cut the bank’s circuitry and forced entry only to find that the robbers had already disappeared, along with millions of dollars in cash and 145 private safes with immeasurable amount of valuables. Throughout the robbery process, all 23 hostages were unharmed. When the police conducted the questioning, no one knew when and where the robbers escaped, the police found a tunnel in the basement of the bank leading to an underground sewer pipe under repair.

In the end, how did this group criminals escape? Where are all the stolen goods? Is there an accomplice among the hostages? Only you can unravel the mystery one by one…


在阿根廷,一位智商高達173的天才,找來四個不同技能的專家,攜帶炸藥且全副武裝衝進聖伊西德羅 (San Isidro) 的里約銀行,策劃了一場震驚全球的世紀大劫案,被譽為歷史上最著名、最聰明的銀行搶劫案之一,這名天才名字叫做費爾南多·阿勞霍 (Fernando Araujo),事件之後更被拍成一部著名電影。事情發生於2006年一月,據說這名天才罪犯在一個下雨天的晚上,掉下煙頭的時候察覺到地下水道正連接銀行地庫,於是便產生了這個驚天地泣鬼神的搶劫大計。最初一開始這個犯罪組織是想著如何去「偷」銀行,但阿勞霍籌備多年的謀劃卻是想著如何神不知鬼不覺進入銀行進行偷盜。最後他想到了可以依靠隧道,阿根廷的布宜諾斯艾利斯 (Buenos Aires) 郊區布滿了巨大的潮汐隧道,這些隧道在街道下面延伸,流入河流。天才的他覺得所要做的就是找到一個能把他帶到河岸附近,然後往上挖就能挖到銀行的金庫。但是在實行搶劫大計之前還有一個問題要解決,就是如何讓銀行警報系統失效?唯一的方法就是在銀行工作時間內直接進入並關掉銀行警報系統。於是在113日,阿勞霍率領團隊上演了這一個完美的銀行盜竊計劃,一行幾人進入銀行後馬上將閉路電視鏡頭塗黑、命令守衛下閘、再挾持了23個人質,不久200多名警察隨即收到線報並將銀行重重包圍,匪徒與警方對峙了七個小時,期間並沒有人受傷,有些人質更被釋放,這些都是在阿勞霍掌握之中,目的是要拖延時間,最後警方切斷了銀行內的電路強行進入卻發現劫匪早已蹤影全無,和他們一起消失的還有數百萬美元現金和145個私人保險箱裡的價值無法估量的貴重物品。在整個搶劫過程中,23名人質竟然全部安然無恙。但當警察進行問訊時,卻沒有一個人知道劫匪是何時從何處逃脫的,警方在銀行地下室發現了一個地道通往一條維修中的地下排污管道。到底這一群天才罪犯是如何逃脫?被劫的財物收藏在哪裏?人質當中是否存在有匪徒?唯有你可以將謎團逐一揭開

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