In the middle of a cold windy night, you were sorting through piles of cases in your detective office. You found a letter dated today sitting on the table that was sent by your genius painter friend John. It was a request about a missing person case. When you read it closely, you found that the missing person mentioned in the request was John himself! You rush to John’s residence immediately and find that he was really missing!

John is just an alias, and his real name is Tivadar. He was born in Saros County, Kingdom of Hungary. When he was 27 years old, a masked man predicted that he would become a great painter. After a few years, John’s reputation became very popular.

Because of his extraordinary IQ and superb painting skills, he often received invitations from the royal families of various countries to paint portraits and life portraits. Therefore, he heard secret conversations between the royal families. John never mentioned all those secrets to others. But as his best friend, you knew he hid these important messages in the paintings.

Does John’s disappearance have anything to do with this? The police had arrived at the scene, and the forensic department would lock down the place in 45 minutes.

You are geared up 100% and ready to save your friend. Since John chose to send you the letter, he must be aware that someone was against him and he was being closely monitored. As John had led you to his residence now, he must have left you some clues!

John has mentioned a unique painting in his letter. It should be the key to reach him. Can you find John in time? His safety is in your hand! GO, detective!





到底約翰失蹤是否與此有關?警方已到達現場,鑑證科會於45分鐘後封鎖現場。你是否能在封鎖現場之前, 取得所有線索?你的偵探頭腦馬上進入運作,心想既然約翰選擇寄委託書給你,他應該早就預計有人將會對他不利,並正在密切監視他。而約翰把你引導到他的住所,一定是暗中留下了線索給你!


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