The Mission of Christmas


Every year when Christmas approaches, children from all over the world write letters to Santa Claus. No one ever knows where these letters are sent to, or whether Santa Claus really exists. But well-behaved children who write to Santa always receive a mysterious gift that they asked for on Christmas morning. Pretty amazing, right? But for you, this is not a fantasy… Because you are an elf in charge of gift delivery in Santa’s gift shop.

It’s Christmas Eve, and Santa’s gift shop is working non-stop to prepare gifts for children this year. After all the gifts are wrapped, they must be checked by you one final time to ensure the quality and that the gift is going to the right person. And you will also sprinkle each gift with different elf dust according to the content of the children’s letter. Like: sprinkle dust of courage for children who desire to make friends; sprinkle dust of confidence for children who are about to take on new challenges.

Seeing that there are not many gifts left, you can’t help but be happy and motivated. As this period of hard work is coming to an end, you can enjoy your Christmas holidays very soon. You pull open the drawers of your storefront cabinet, ready to dust the next child’s gift… yet your hand didn’t grab anything. Oh no! The gift shop is so busy that you completely forget to check beforehand if the amount of various dust is enough! You quickly go to the warehouse to replenish.








禮物必須要在出發時間前送遞給聖誕老人,好讓他把禮物裝貨到雪橇上準備派送。距離最後的出貨時間還有 20 分鐘,你能順利完成任務,回應小朋友們的願望嗎?



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