The Missing One


The bell rings 12. Midnight, Christmas is here! Santa Claus and his assistants are distributing gifts, house to house. You check your list of good kids and watch as everyone busily puts presents inside hanging socks from the chimney and under the Christmas tree. This is the last household, and it seems that this year’s delivery will end early. 

Suddenly, Santa Claus came anxiously and said that all the gifts on the sleigh had been delivered. But there is still a child in the family who did not receive a gift, and you who are in charge of counting gifts before leaving are very confused. It doesn’t make sense? You have clearly checked the list countless times, how can there be a missing gift?

Sunrise is coming soon, and you have to deliver the gift before dawn. Your group started to search around, hoping that the gifts just fell nearby… There is no missing gift, but you did find some suspicious footprints near the sled and it leads to a house. The gift must have been stolen! And the culprit is inside this house right now.

With 20 minutes to go before sunrise, you must retrieve the gift and leave before dawn so that Santa Claus is never seen! Who is the culprit? Can you complete the mission and get back the Christmas present?






距離日出還有 20 分鐘,你們必須要在天亮之前找回禮物並且離開,絕不能被人看見聖誕老人的身影!到底犯人是誰?你能完成任務,給好孩子帶來約定好的禮物嗎?




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