The Lift


Have you heard urban tales about elevators before? It is said that in addition to taking passengers to various floors, elevators can sometimes lead to other spaces…

With the repeating busy life every day, you have decided to travel on a whim. You saw a hotel in your destination from the internet, and the price was extremely cheap. After a brief look at the information of the hotel, you didn’t think much and made a reservation directly.

On the first day of your trip, you arrived at the hotel you booked. When you check in at the counter, you feel a trace of weird feeling: the room keys in the counter are all neatly hanging on the shelf, it seems you are the only guest in this hotel. You took the key of your room number and went straight to the elevator. The hallway was empty, and the atmosphere around was even kinda creepy. You stepped into the elevator which looked a bit old, and prayed it could take you to your floor as soon as possible. Suddenly, the elevator came to an emergency stop, and all the lights went out instantly. You managed to grab the handrail to prevent you from falling. You tried to press the alarm bell in the elevator, yet it was not functioning as well…Seems you have to escape this elevator on your own now.

The maintenance door of the elevator is your only way out. While you were busy trying to open it, you found that the other side of the door doesn’t seem to be the original hotel you were supposed to be in. You recalled the information about the hotel that you read on the internet back then…The predecessor of this hotel is a restaurant where a murder occurred.

The malfunction of the elevator accidentally transports you to another dimension. What happened in that year? Finding out the truth is the only way you can return to reality. According to urban tales, the elevator will only stay in another dimension for 45 minutes…Will you enjoy your vacation as you wish, or will you be stuck here forever?






升降機的故障意外地把你帶到了另一個時空。到底當年發生什麼事?唯有解開真相,你才能回到現實。根據都市傳說,通往異界的升降機只會停留 45 分鐘…到底你會如願地享受旅程,還是被永遠困在這裡?






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