The Greatest Show


Everyone has a stage called “Dream”, but not all of them can shine on it. To gain your applause, you must first find your own feather that is named “Confidence”.

One night, you dragged yourself back home and fell straight onto the bed. Tired, sleepy, your mind has gone blank… You stared at the ceiling of your bedroom in a daze, and unconsciously fell asleep. Suddenly, you found yourself in a backstage dressing room. You haven’t seen this place before, but at the same time it feels a little familiar to you. You looked around and spotted a flyer in the corner: “Every midnight, find the stage that you belong to – Circus of Dreams”. Circus of Dreams? You definitely heard this name somewhere before…

You remember. This was your favorite bedtime story when you were a kid, and this place is exactly like the circus described in the story. Is this a dream? Everything looks so real… It was mentioned in the story that everyone who came to this circus must have forgotten something important in their real life; and the only way to leave this place is to gain your applause on the stage. So…why are you here? What you’ve forgotten?

Just when you were confused, you found some text on the makeup desk next to you:

“The little elephant with big ears has not discovered that he can fly because his magic feather got buried in ridicule and abuse.”

Elephant? Magic feather? What’s that even mean? The text fades away after you finish reading, and the new text appears immediately.

“The magic feather has always been there, you just forgot where it was. The Circus of Dreams will only put on the show tonight. Are you gonna give up and let your big ears become something for others to laugh at? Or are you gonna bravely spread your ears to fly, and become the star on the stage?” Find it, and recall.”



一天夜裡,你拖著腳步回到家中,直接攤倒在床上。好累、好睏,腦筋一片空白…你盯著臥室的天花板發著呆,不知不覺地睡著了。突然回神,你發現自己正身處一個華麗的後台化妝室裡,你並沒有見過這個地方,同時卻又讓你感到有點熟悉。你四處查看,並在角落處發現了一張傳單:《每晚的午夜,找回你所屬於的舞台 — 夢想馬戲團》。夢想馬戲團?這個名字非常眼熟…






雖然也許是夢,但這可能是你尋找答案的唯一機會。你看了看時鐘,距離午夜還有 35 分鐘,馬戲團馬上就要開演了…完成你的表演,獲得觀眾的掌聲,這是你唯一可以回家的方法。你能找到自己的魔法羽毛,重新想起夢想的意義嗎?


  • lost_hk
  • LOST Junior @ D2 PLACE TWO
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