The Gate to Enchanted Forest


A legend has been passing along for many years in the northernmost town of Koma, France. There is a magic key hidden in a mysterious forest. As long as you find the key, you can be the master of all kinds of magic. According to the legend, the witch hid this magic key in her grimoire, and only the chosen one with the purest heart could be able to find it.

One night, you found a blank thick old book in your grandpa’s bookshelf, and you’ve decided to scribble on it. You drew the mysterious forest in your imagination and went to sleep.  At midnight, you were awakened by some bright light. You found the book suddenly opened by itself and flashed with sparks. All the furniture in the bedroom was glowing. You got up to follow the lights and found a secret door. Looking out from the door, you saw the same forest you painted on the book!  What is the secret hidden in this forest?  Does the magic key really exist? Will you bravely walk into the forest? And will you be able to return to reality afterward? This magical journey is about to begin…


一個晚上,你在祖父古老大屋內的書櫃, 發現了一本空白的書。 無聊的你,拿起顏色筆在書上塗鴉, 畫下你想像中的魔法森林,便去睡覺了。怎料,到了深夜時分,書本突然自動翻開並閃出火光,睡房內的傢俬擺設也跟着發出光芒。你起床向燈光的地方走去,之後一道暗門打開,你竟然看到了與你畫在書上的塗鴉一模一樣的魔法森林。這座森林到底隱藏着什麼秘密?魔法之匙又是否真的存在?你是否會勇敢地走進森林?進去後又能否返回現實?這趟奇幻旅程即將開始⋯⋯

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