The Gaming Adventure


You are a game lover. Game consoles, classic games, figures and toys, they’re all part of your collection. You love studying games, which makes you master all the game knowledge. Whether it’s the history of each game series, or tips for completing levels, etc., you always know the answer to them. Therefore, your friends respectfully called you the “Dr. of Game”.

One day, you were tidying your house. When you were clearing away the clutter on the top of the cabinet, you accidentally discovered a trap door on the ceiling. Due to your curiosity, you grabbed the handle and pulled it open. A folding ladder lowered immediately. You did hear from your parents when you were small that there was an attic at home, where your father kept some memorabilia items that were no longer in use. Turns out the entrance was hidden here! You decided to put away your tidying work for now, and climb up to the attic for a little exploration.

Wow! The whole attic is full of game discs, arcade machines, consoles and toys! You picked them up one by one to have a closer look. Most of them are the products from the old era that have been discontinued. These are rare collectibles that collectors crave, yet you got a bunch of them in your very own attic! It turns out that your father was just as fanatical as you when he was young. What a surprise.

You dust off an old console and examine it carefully, the wires and connectors were in pretty good condition. You set up the console on the old TV next to you. You plugged in the power cord and tried to turn it on. You were excited when you saw the loading screen slowly appear. While you entered the main menu of the console, you found that there’s already a game disc inside. Did father forget to take it out after playing? Wonder if it’s still working. You tried to press the confirm button on the controller and started the game.

The title screen opened smoothly. But when you pressed start, the game stayed on a black screen. You wait for a while, but it still couldn’t load anything. Well, not surprising. It’s pretty normal for it to be damaged if the disc has been forgotten inside this long. 

The option button on the controller didn’t seem to respond either. You were about to force quit the game…
“Dr.? Can you hear me? Please…help us…”

You looked around and confirmed that the sound was coming from the game. The voice in the game shouted again, and you realized that they seemed to be talking to you…Are these old games high-tech enough to be controlled by voice already? You tried to respond, and that voice actually became excited as if they had found a savior.

“Great! Dr., we need your help! The game worlds have all collided together for some reason. We know nothing about the other games so we have no idea what to do…Please, can you help us? If this continues, all game worlds will collapse!”

It’s a fact that you know a lot about games, but how should you help? Maybe…let’s find a way to enter the game and see what’s going on first.

The console began to make the noise of running at full speed. It seems that the collision of game worlds has pushed the console to its limit. If it’s not solved as soon as possible…the parts inside might burn itself, and there will really be nothing left. You gave the console a quick check and confirmed that it can still hold on for 35 minutes. Try to enter the game world and meet with the owner of the voice. Can you save all the game worlds and restore the order it deserves?












主機開始發出吵耳的運轉聲音,看來遊戲世界相撞對主機的負荷非常大,不趕快解決的話…裡面的機件很有可能會直接報廢,到時就真的什麼都不剩了。你初步估算了一下時間,主機應該還能支持 35 分鐘,嘗試進入遊戲世界中與聲音的主人會合吧。到底你能不能拯救所有世界,恢復該有的秩序?



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