The Crystal Skull


The tropical rainforest of Piedmont, Guatemala, is the heart of Mayan civilization. It is a mysterious place that no one dares to enter, and so the end of the jungle has remained untouched.

It was not until 1839 that the famous explorer John Stephens hired a team of local heavily armed natives to venture into the jungle. After a lot of difficulties, they finally found a huge underground chamber in the jungle, inside the chamber was an extravagant pyramid, a magnificent palace and a calendar written in hieroglyphics. It turns out that this is where the Mayans created their ancient civilization.

It is said that a group of more than a dozen explorers entered and saw a mysterious pillar of light shoot straight up from the pyramid into the sky, after which everyone was sucked into the light and suddenly disappeared. After hundreds of years, this mystery has not been solved. Archaeologists have analyzed many aspects and carefully observed a bunch of mysterious numbers written in the calendar, and found that today is the day of the destruction of the world!

According to the signs, the Mayans were the descendants of aliens, and the planet in their Mayan calendar was actually their home planet. After the fall of their home planet, they came to Earth, but only a very small percentage survived, and their original technology has been mostly lost.

Archaeologists and scientists believe that the Mayans possessed super advanced technology in outer space, including a piece called the Crystal Skull, which could be activated on the day of the end of the world to open the “interstellar gate” to outer space, thus saving the world from apocalyptic crisis. Now there are only 35 minutes left before the end of the world, can you complete this task to save the earth…





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