The Clone


In 2104, the earth was heavily polluted and no longer suitable for human habitation. Scientists built a second home on a star that is 120 light years away from the earth. This star is called R722i. Because of this long flight time, scientists select some talented humans to take a spacecraft and hibernate in a frozen capsule so that the body’s function will not deteriorate or age.  

Scientists have also developed clones for this project, so these talented humans are able to replace their organs during the flight to extend their lifespan. These clones are stored in the laboratory of this spacecraft. During the voyage, the spacecraft’s left main engine was hit by a meteorite and cut off the power supply of the laboratory. The Clones were awakened and activated the self-protection mechanism. They were gone! Only 35 mins left before the fuel burns out!  You need to repair the spacecraft engine and find the Clones in order to return home safely…



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