The 4th Cabin


What a long day! You can finally go home. The station attendant closed tha station after the last train arrived at the platform. The train door slowly opened in front of you. You dragged yourself into the carriage and took the seat against the wall.
“Train is leaving the station. Please stand back from the train doors…”

As the train started, sleepiness took over you. You couldn’t hold on anymore…need a nap before you get off, otherwise you won’t even be able to make it home…You dozed against the wall, hoping you can wake up on time before the train arrives at your stop.

Suddenly, you bumped your head onto the wall due to a serious shake and it wakes you up immediately. Lights went out, and the train stopped. Frightened screams bursted out in the carriage, you saw nothing but chaos. Some passengers fell down because of that sudden braking. Before you could figure out what happened, you could only help to lift other passengers up first. Outside the window it was pitch black, the train seemed to be stopped in the tunnel. You heard a cry for help from the other carriage. Passengers on that side said they were fine, but the door between the carriages seemed to be stuck due to the power outage. They were unable to get out.

You’re at the last carriage of the train. The emergency exit is also at the rear. Seems the only ones who are still free to go are the people in here.







車廂內只剩走火燈仍然亮著,空氣越來越悶熱,你才意識到冷氣系統也停止了運轉,這代表了時間越久,各節車廂內的空氣會越少。前面車卡的乘客很多,距離那邊氧氣不足應該只有 35 分鐘…趕快逃出車廂並想辦法回到地面,請求支援吧!





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