Dead island 2


You wake up with a strong smell of blood in the air, realizing that there are muddled blood, limbs and organs all around. You cannot move or get up because your leg is in severe pain, and you find visible bite marks on your leg.

Several days have passed since the incident happened in Los Angeles.The government has completely locked down the city, and the army has fallen. No one will come to rescue you… You and your fellows are on a journey away from the breakout and zombies.

A deadly virus is spreading across Los Angeles, turning inhabitants into zombies. You decided to go in and search for supplies, but you didn’t remember clearly what happened next… How long have you been asleep? It shouldn’t take too long for you to become a zombie, but you are still awake after a few hours.

All these zombies in the house are obviously killed with bare hands…Only zombies have such power, but it is unlikely that they are interested to do so. What exactly has happened? You bandage your injured leg and wipe off the zombie blood and flesh on your hands. The mansion will be surrounded by a wave of approaching zombies in 35 minutes…You have no idea how long you can keep your sanity, but you don’t have time to think but quickly search for useful resources and leave the mansion




你昏睡了多久?從被咬, 感染直至屍變,應該不會花太多時間。腿上的傷口看來至少已經有幾個小時了,然而,你卻仍然清醒得很。你們的武器被隨意的丟在一邊,已經變形壞掉了,似乎在你們昏迷期間被誰拿來使用過;再仔細看屋內滿坑滿谷的喪屍殘骸,肢解的切口乾淨俐落,連骨頭也是被一擊砸至粉碎…能有這般力量,也只可能是喪屍本身。但是,喪屍並不會攻擊其他喪屍,更遑論使用武器…那麼,眼前的畫面是怎麼回事?是誰…或是什麼東西,幫你們把整棟房子清空了嗎?

你找了一條破爛的布條把腿傷包紮好,順便擦乾淨手上沾滿的喪屍鮮血和肉碎。雖然不知道剛剛發生了什麼事,但顯然吸引了周遭的喪屍慢慢往這裡靠近,目測再35 分鐘這棟豪宅就會被包圍了…也不知道你還能保持理智多久,但現在沒有時間細想了,趕快搜括豪宅的有用物資,重新製作一把防身武器,然後想辦法安全地離開吧!

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