Art Williams, born in 1972 who is a famous counterfeit genius in the United States. He successfully cheated banks and shops of at least 10 million U.S. dollars by his counterfeit banknotes. Art born from poverty but extremely clever, he learned to steal when he was 16. By chance, he met an Italian master named Leonardo da Vinci. He admired Art’s ingenuity and decided to take Art to a secret place. When they arrived at a printing factory in the basement, Da Vinci demonstrated the counterfeit banknote technology to Art. The banknotes had several key points: Franklin’s watermark, the banknote serial number, and two stamps. The paper that Da Vinci used also contained red and blue anti-counterfeiting thread. It made Art extremely surprised, but after making the third batch of counterfeit banknotes, Da Vinci vanished one night. Art didn’t have any money printing technology, so he had to rely on his vague memory to create the new money printing methods, the process requires the use of special paper, ink and printing technology, just like an insane scientist, cracking the secret of  acid-free paper, optically variable ink, watermark, printing mould, Omron rings. One of the most difficult parts was the problem of watermarks, which could not be solved in any way. When he was about to give up, he had a dream and got an inspiration that it can be just inserted between the banknotes, then Franklin’s watermark can be shown when the three pieces of paper stick together. After many difficulties, the supernote is finally printed, even the experts could not verify it. This technology is still a mystery. Based on the clues at hand, your team is about to sneak into the printing factory to try to find the formula of this genius. However a teammate is trapped and in danger, how to break through it? Can the secret of supernote be solved by your team?

亞特·威廉斯,出生於1972年, 美國著名偽鈔天才, 他成功騙過了全美各地銀行及商店,共製造了超過1000萬美元的偽鈔。出身貧困但聰明絕頂的他16歲已經學會偷車,一次機緣巧合遇上意大利籍師傅達文西, 對亞特的聰明才智十分欣賞並決定要帶亞特去一個神秘的地方看看,兩個人到了一間位在地下室的印刷工廠, 達文西示范了偽鈔技術, 鈔票有幾個重點: 首先是富蘭克林的頭像、還有鈔票序號以及兩個戳章, 達文西用的鈔票紙裡面還有極細的紅藍防偽絲線。知悉到偽鈔這回事,使亞特大開眼界, 可是在制作完第三批假鈔后,亞特發現達文西失聯了,亞特未有掌握任何印鈔技術,只好憑模糊的記憶及自己的天份,鑽研一套新的印鈔方法,過程需要用到專用的紙張、油墨及打印技術,就像一個瘋狂科學家一樣不斷研究, 從無酸紙、變色油墨、浮水印、模版、歐姆龍環不斷拆解。其中最難的一關就是浮水印的問題, 怎樣也解決不了, 在他快要放棄的時候,居然有一次睡覺做夢得到了一個靈感。夢到了兩張鈔票中夾了一張厚薄剛好的紙,這張紙印著富蘭克林頭像,那三張紙夾在一起。透光的情況下就顯露出中間那張紙的圖像,就跟服浮水印一模一樣。經過重重難關終於成功打印出千萬美元偽鈔,就連專家也無法悉別,這個技術仍然是一個謎,你們憑著手上的線索,正想潛入偽鈔工場嘗試找出這個天才的方程式之際,其中一名隊友身陷險境,危急關頭到底如何突破?超級美鈔之方程式是否能逐一破解?

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