St. Ermin’s Hotel


St Ermin’s is built upon the site of a 15th-century chapel. In the 19th century, Westminster underwent great changes and expansion, resulting in the construction of St. Ermin’s Mansions Hall in 1889, the building forms the basis of St. Ermin’s Hotel. During the war, St Ermin’s mansion blocks operated as covert headquarter for Members of the SOE (Special Operations Executive). It was rumored MI6 covert operations has a rendezvous point here at the St. Ermin’s with other secret organizations. Some of these secret papers were stolen and exchanged to Russian at the Caxton Bar.

Today, your handler informed your team to locate this secret pathway that may lead to this unmapped room of the St. Ermin’s Hotel.

You have 45 minutes to extraction. Infiltrate and obtain Intel to stop the war.

聖爾敏飯店是維多利亞時代晚期的建築,於1896 – 99年轉為旅館。第一次世界大戰時,成為了英國情報部門的聚會場所。這裡曾是英國海外情報機構「軍情六處」(MI6) 的總部,亦是特別行動執行官(SOE) 的誕生地。


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