Sanada Yukimura


During the war states of Japan, Sanada Yukimura and Tokugawa Ieyasu had a tense relationship due to the battle of Sekigahara. In the struggle between two clans, not only the two parties who with hatred were suffering, but also the innocent people. Your hometown and your family were also one of them.
You are a member of the Iga Ninjas, which is an organization that has been serving the Tokugawa camp for ages. One day, you learned that the Sanada army had taken an unnamed village in order to weaken the Tokugawa camp. All the villagers were almost wiped out. This was the news that broke you down: that small village was exactly the place where you called home. Your parents were also one of the victims. Sanada Yukimura…this name has started the fire of hatred in your heart. But you were nothing but just a nameless member of the organization. How could you even compete with an entire army? You came up with a plan in your mind: since it’s impossible to fight on your own, why not just use your skills and advantage as an Iga Ninja and let another army fight against them?

In order to convince the Tokugawa army that the Sanada camp is the one who committed the attack, you will need a strong evidence…All these years, you have been investigating Sanada Yukimura behind the organization’s back. You learned that he has hidden the family crest token – which has the power to command his shadow warriors – inside a temple. If you can steal the token, you will be able to create a reason for the Tokugawa Army to strike……
However, the shadow warriors who serve the Sanada clan are also elites. They seem to know that you will come to steal the token today and inform the Sanada army in advance. You only got 45 minutes before the army arrives at the temple. If you give up, you will probably be disposed by the organization as well…there’s no turning back.

Will you be able to escape with the token before you get caught by the Sanada army, and achieve your plan in order to avenge your family?



只是,侍奉真田氏的影武者們也不是泛泛之輩,他們似乎知道你今天將會前來偷竊令牌而預先通報了真田軍。距離軍隊趕到寺廟只剩下 45 分鐘,要是退縮,你恐怕亦會被組織就地處置……已經無法回頭了。


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