Raiders of the Dragon Pearl


Among the many tombs in the world, the tomb of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang is definitely the most mysterious. After years of research, the archaeologists are still unable to grasp the whole picture of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb. The only clue is through legends. Mercury river, traps and curses, all these stories have deterred many people who want to enter the imperial tomb. 

You are a tomb raider who has visited many famous tombs for treasure hunts. The tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang will be your next target. When you were doing research, you found records about the rare treasures that were hidden inside the imperial tomb. There is a description of a certain treasure that has drawn your attention: the legend said there was a guardian dragon in the tomb of Emperor Qin Shi Huang. In addition to guarding the underground palace where the Emperor’s coffin is placed, it also guards the most precious treasure in the entire tomb – the Dragon Pearl. According to ancient books, the value of a dragon pearl is like a thousand acres of fields.

The more difficult it is to reach the treasure,  the more you want to take on the challenge. You avoided the local archaeological team and came to the other side of the imperial tomb, in order to secretly start your excavation. Unexpectedly, you found a hidden entrance not long after the excavation began? And this secret passage seems to lead to the deeper part of the tomb…

In order to prevent the tomb robbers, Emperor Qin Shi Huang seems to have set up some traps and a self-destruction mechanism in the tomb…This trip has to be really careful. To avoid more unexpected dangers, 45 minutes is the maximum for you to stay inside the tomb. Can you find the Dragon Pearl in the time limit and leave safely with this rare treasure?




你是一名盜墓者,曾經去過無數有名的陵墓尋找寶物,最具神秘色彩的秦始皇陵就是你下一個目標。你在查閱資料時,讀到了關於皇陵內奇珍異寶的記載,其中有一段對某項寶物的描述,吸引了你的注意:傳說秦始皇陵中有條護墓蛟龍,除了守護安放棺柩的地宮,亦是守衛整座陵墓中最為珍貴的寶物 – 龍珠。據古書所說,一顆龍珠的價值,好比千畝田地。


秦始皇為了防止後世盜墓,陵墓中除了一般的陷阱,似乎還設置了自毀機關…此行必須小心謹慎,為免發生更多無法預料的危險,你最多只能在陵墓中逗留 45 分鐘。你能否在有限的時間內找到龍珠,並帶著這稀世珍寶安全離開?



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