Project Ultra


From 1950 to 1973, CIA was secretly funding a mind control experiment called Project MK-Ultra. The CIA encrypted document shows, the program studies ways to control the mind and to enhance its ability by using drugs, chemicals and radiation through human trials. After the program was exposed to the public, the US government immediately terminated the experiments. Some say the termination was just an act, in fact, the experiments continue to operate till this date and has even become more extreme. This new program is called Project Ultra.

One summer in 2010, people were started missing in a quiet small town. Some said it was caused by a supernatural phenomenon. However, you, who is a believer in science, suspect that it has something to do with the strange building that is located nearby. They say it is a military base, but in fact it is a secret government laboratory. You suspect they have been abducting nearby people for experimentation… One day, your best friend has also gone missing!

Recently, you found that there were medical supplies trucks frequently entering and leaving the heavily guarded military base. You intuitively believe that the two things must be connected, and you are determined to investigate further! You gathered all your friends and decided to save your missing friend. You secretly investigated the nearby vicinities for more than a month and discovered that the guards at the door will temporarily leave their station to transport supplies. The process takes about 45 minutes. You decide to use this 45 minutes gap to sneak into the base and save your friend!

Are the missing people just creating the illusion of disappearance to leave town or is there really a government conspiracy behind this whole incident?

1950到1973年,美國中情局被知情人士揭發暗地裡資助一項改造人類思想的計劃,名為 Project MK-Ultra。於1977年,中情局解密文件顯示,計劃中使用了許多化學、生物和放射性方法來測試如何藉著操縱人的心理狀態,進而影響大腦功能,包括暗中給予藥物和其他化學物質,催眠等各種方式去做實驗 。事件被揭發後,美國政府立即下令終止相關計劃。據說,計劃的終止只是表象,實際一直繼續秘密運行,甚至變得更加瘋狂。 這更瘋狂的實驗名為極端計劃,Project Ultra。

在2010年的某個夏天,一個平靜的小鎮突然有人無故失蹤,鎮上有人說是由鬼怪所致。但相信科學的你,懷疑與那所一直座落在小鎮附近的古怪建築有關。它表面上似是軍事基地,實際上是政府秘密實驗室,計劃把附近的人擄走作實驗之用!某一天,你的最好朋友也失蹤了! 剛巧最近,你發現經常有載有醫療物資的車隊出入那守衛森嚴的軍事基地,你直覺認為兩件事一定有聯繫,你決意深入調查!

你們作為他最好的朋友,為了進行拯救,進行了一個多月的調查,成功發現門口的守衛都會在某段時間暫時離開基地運送物資,運送過程約45分鐘。你們決定利用這個缺口,潛入基地,拯救朋友! 到底失蹤者只是為了自己離開小鎮而製造成失蹤假象?還是真的是政府陰謀?

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