Mystery Dinner


This annual Christmas, when friends and family gather from all over the world. You decided to host a Christmas party at a nearby restaurant. It’s a rare opportunity, and as a host, you have to get the party right.

It’s almost time for the guests to arrive, and you carefully recheck the various items of the party. Gifts, CHECK! Decoration, CHECK! And the most important party food…. No, wait, there seems to be something missing on the table.

Your carefully, prepared roast turkey is GONE! Vanish in thin air! It’s been a long time since this restaurant opened, and there is a special condition for booking a table in the restaurant for a Christmas party… you must prepare extra Party food. It is said that this has been a tradition in the restaurant for many years to thank the “little helpers” who have been secretly helping to run the restaurant, although sometimes they are also a little mischievous and tease customers from time to time.

It seems that these “little helpers” are not very satisfied with the meal you prepared for them, and hit the idea on your roast turkey … But a Christmas party without turkeys is simply not complete! Gotta get it back!

With 20 minutes to go before guests arrive, what are these “little helpers”? Can you get back the protagonist on your table and throw the perfect Christmas party?





距離賓客到來的時間還有 20 分鐘,到底這些”小幫手”是何方神聖?你又能不能找回你餐桌上的主角,舉辦一個完美的聖誕派對?




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