In 1968, Israel was denied Uranium Ore. Therefore they had no resources to study nuclear weapons, which was a great threat to a country, familying one of the 4 most famous intelligence groups in the world – Mossad.  

Mossad decided to complete the mission impossible – to steal Uranium Ore. 

Although Mossad has the fewest number of special agents, out of the 3 other intelligence groups – US’s CIA, UK’s MI6 and Soviet KGB, they are known as a genius-level agent with impressive and unique skills and so far there have never been a record of the agents being exposed or arrested.

Mission 235, requires infiltrating and stealing Uranium Ore from Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation in Pennsylvania, USA. The operation is extremely dangerous, if it fails, no unit will admit it’s responsibility.

The plan is to pretend to be a miner, infiltrate from the mine and get access inside,  but the time limit is only 45 minutes at a time…


1968年,以色列被拒絕提供鈾礦石後,便沒有資源研究核武器,這樣對於一個國家來說是一種很大的威脅,作為世界上最著名的四大情報組織之一的以色列摩薩德決定完成這個不可能的任務 – 盜取鈾礦石。其餘三大組織為美國CIA、英國MI6、以及蘇聯KGB。摩薩德特工人數最少但被譽為天才級特工,各有本領神出鬼沒,到目前為止從來沒有特工給曝光或逮捕的紀錄。這次任務需要潛入位於美國賓夕凡尼亞州的Nuclear Materials and Equipment Corporation偷取鈾礦石235 (Uranium 235),行動屬於極度危險,假若失敗將不會有任何單位承認責任,計劃是假扮礦工進行計劃,礦工進入礦洞工作時限每次只有45分鐘·······

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