The St. Ermin Hotel is a late Victorian building that was converted into a hotel in 1896-99. During the First World War, it became a meeting place and headquarters for British Secret intelligence services, also known as the MI6. On January 16, 1917, as a German spy in the UK. You received the intel from your commander that the British army has possession of Military decoder. So you sneak into the MI6 headquarter to steal some important information and code. In the process, you’ve got intel about a secret area of MI6 and after comparing it with the official building plan, you found a hidden passage. You confirm that the information you want to obtain is in this area. Can you complete the mission and change the history of the World War I?

聖爾敏飯店是維多利亞時代晚期的建築,於1896-99年轉為旅館。第一次世界大戰時,成為了英國情報部門的聚會場所。這裡曾是英國海外情報機構「軍情六處」(MI6) 的總部。 1917年1月16日,作為埋伏於英國的德軍特務的您,收到指揮官的指示,得知英軍解碼員取得最新軍事解碼本,於是您潛入軍情六處偷偷走重要訊息及盜取破譯本。過程中,您得到了一本關於軍情六處神秘區域位置所在的筆記,在跟官方建築平面圖比照下,終於找到了進入神秘區域的方法。在此區域中,隱藏著您所需要的情報。身負重任的您能否完成任務 ,改變第一次世界大戰的歷史?

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