Based on the magic spring that nurtures everything, the magical world relies on the power of the magic spring to maintain all the balance and continue to thrive. With a world that is full of magic,  there will be people who know how to use the power. And when these people who are good at using different elemental magic gathered into groups, they became the Wizards Guild – an organization that is responsible for maintaining order in the magical world.

However, in the underground dragon lair which is located at the very end of the world, there is a dragon that feeds on magic. The magic power possessed by the creatures in the underground are no longer enough to satisfy its greed. In pursuit of greater power, it has set its sights on the magic spring. If the dragon has taken away the power of the magic spring, the entire magical world will collapse along with it! According to the information, the dragon will come to the surface tomorrow. The Wizards Guild held an emergency meeting of the top wizards from all the factions, hoping that each magic faction could come up with a tactic against the dragon.

You are the chief wizard of the plant magic faction. Although plant magic is not as aggressive as other factions, you got your top potions knowledge as a powerful weapon. There’s a type of magic potion that is made of Mandrakes, which has the power to put the dragon into a deep sleep and seal it. Once Mandrakes get pulled out of the soil, they will make screams that can draw people insane. Therefore, they are grown in a secret garden separately. Even for senior wizards, harvesting Mandrakes is still dangerous.

Tomorrow is the day to join the forces with other members of the Wizards Guild and fight the dragon. The potion needs a whole day to prepare. All the ingredients must be ready within 45 minutes…no time to waste! 










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