Lost at the Museum


Umm El Qa’ab area of Abydos, Egypt, is the burial place of the pharaohs of the First Dynasty. Unfortunately, almost all the tombs that have been discovered have signs of being opened and robbed when they were found. What mechanisms were added to the design of the tomb? Were there any special burial objects when the royal family and nobles were buried? Although the stolen tombs still have rich research value, the archaeological teams are still unable to know their original appearance.

You are an archaeologist who specializes in studying ancient Egyptian tombs. There are many tombs in this area, and you believed there must be some of them that have never been opened and are well preserved. Your biggest dream in your work is to find an unopened tomb and be the first person to enter it.

Today, you returned to the museum where you work as usual and continued to study ancient documents. According to your study, you’ve identified a location where there should be a sizable tomb. But your team has been digging for several weeks already and still found nothing. You couldn’t help but start to think about whether it’s time to give up…
Suddenly, you received a call from the excavation site. You could hear the excitement in the voices of the staff on the other end. They said they found a well-cut stone with a scarab carved on it. The news has lit you up. That probably be a part of the wall or pillar of the tomb, the entrance must be nearby! You immediately instructed the on-site manpower to focus on digging, and it didn’t take long for them to find an underground entrance.

This is a brand new discovery! The staff on-site reported that there was a sentence written in ancient characters carved on the tomb door. You checked the documents at hand and that sentence should be saying…

“Do not disturb the rest of the owner. In 35 minutes, the scarab army will be here.”

You’re not sure if you translated it right, but the time limit is clear and this is clearly a warning. This is a rare opportunity for the entire archaeological community! As long as you leave the tomb within the time limit, you should be fine…right? But before taking any further action, you must first determine the origin of this tomb…After all, the legend of the tomb curse is commonplace in the archaeological community. Be prepared at the museum and head to the site to investigate.







「勿擾墓主安息。35 分鐘後,聖甲蟲大軍將至。」





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