Khmer Empire


During the 10th century, the Khmer Empire was a densely populated country with great power and wealth.  They were world leaders in art, culture, architectural technology, aesthetic achievements and with diversified religious.  Historians have confirmed that it was the largest industrial revolution city in the world during its heyday from the 11th to the 13th century.  This great empire’s capital is located at the current Angkor Wat. Like any other great empire, the Khmer Empire started fading from its glory after the 15th century.  There have always been legends that the entire empire was buried under the temples of Angkor Wat, hiding precious treasures.  Archaeologists all over the world are deeply fascinated by it.   Your father, an archaeologist, is also fascinated by the history of the Khmer Empire and believes that he has obtained very accurate information of its whereabouts.

Twenty years ago, your father decided to go to Cambodia to find the ruins of the Khmer Empire.  The expedition was set to be one month, but month after another, no news was ever heard from the team. Your father and his team gone missing!  In order to cope with the grief, you’ve decided to forget everything about archaeology.

Today, you suddenly received a package with your father’s letter, his notes, a map, and a piece of chess!    The overwhelming feelings of your father and your passion about archaeology has come back,   you believe it’s time to face the truth. After many months of preparation, you recruited a team of professionals, determined to sneak into the most mysterious part of Angkor Wat, looking for the mystery of the Khmer Empire disappearance and most importantly, the whereabouts of your father.

After more than a month of exploration, on a rainy morning, your team gradually approached the central location of the treasure with the map left by your father. Suddenly thunder and lightning caused the jeep to lose control and fall into the abyss.  You and your team member lost consciousness!

You woke up in a cave with no information. The geologists on the team estimate that the cave will collapse in 45 minutes.  Could you able to find your father in time? Does the legendary Khmer Empire exist?







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