Isekai Train


One night, you boarded the last train home as usual. After a busy day, the gently shaking of the carriage made you sleepy. You couldn’t help but doze off by leaning against the glass window.

When you opened your eyes again, all the passengers seemed to have gotten off, and you were the only one left in the train. You glanced at your watch, only to find that your usual arrival time had passed. The station you’re about to get off at is already at the end of the line. Even if you didn’t get off in time, the train shouldn’t have moved on. The train was still moving, showing no sign of slowing down. You wait, for what feels like a long time, until the train goes through a tunnel and starts to slow down. Weird…was there a tunnel when you usually took the train home? Finally, the train stopped at an empty station.

The train lost power the moment it arrived at the station. No one was there, and even the name of the station sounds really unfamiliar…You have been taking this railway line since childhood, and you are sure that this station doesn’t even exist. What is this place? You tried to check the map on your phone, but all it showed was an error message.

You suddenly remembered the urban tale you had read on the internet: Tunnels are a kind of structure that is easy to draw spirits, so you must be very careful when passing through them. Otherwise, you might enter the spirit realm. If you accidentally get into another realm, you must calmly look for the way out. No matter what kind of sounds you hear, do not follow…The witnesses who have appeared in the past all said that they heard the sound of weird bells coming from a distance after telling their relatives and friends that they were lost. They’ve never been heard from again after a while. 

This non-existent station probably belongs in another realm. The time before you vanish forever is the key for you to escape, in order to return home safely.

Since you came to this station by the train, you should be able to return by taking the train again and turning back through the tunnel once more, right? You faintly hear bells starting to sound in the distance, and it seems to be getting closer…You remember the time gap before the witnesses vanished, was about 45 minutes. Get out from the power-out train and search the station for useful clues. Find a way to restart the train. Will you escape safely, or will you become an urban tale along with this non-existent station?







既然你是跟隨列車來到這個車站,那乘搭列車再折返通過一次隧道,應該就可以回去了吧?你隱約聽到遠處開始傳來鈴鐺聲,而聲音似乎越來越近….你記得目擊者們失蹤前的時間間距,大概有 45 分鐘,離開停電的車廂並搜索車站尋找有用的線索,想辦法重新啟動列車吧。到底你會平安逃出生天,還是與這個不存在的車站一起成為都市傳說?





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