Glacial Epoch


“Achoo!” A big sneeze woke you up from sleep. You jumped up and found what appeared in front of you were walls made of ice bricks. You realized that you were trapped in a place like a dungeon. What is this place? The ice brick shows no sign of melting even under your body temperature. You can feel there’s some kind of energy surge flowing inside. Aren’t these ices made of water? Due to that, the surrounding area was sealed tightly with ice bricks…there was no way out.

How did you get here? Your head hurts. You looked up and saw a big hole on the ceiling, only a ray of sunlight shines through it. Oh yes, you remember. You and your expedition team were conducting an investigation to find the legendary Polar Remains buried in the ice. During the investigation, you accidentally fell into a gap and fainted. You gazed at the environment around you, isn’t this the remains you were looking for?

It’s said that the reason why the Polar Remains can stand in the ice for thousands of years was due to the “ice bricks” used in the construction. To be precise, they’re energy blocks condensed by some kind of mysterious power. And these powers all came from an energy crystal called the Polar Crystal. Some say that this was a heritage of ancient civilization, some say that this was technology brought by aliens. The only thing that can be certain is that any country which obtains this treasure will immediately improve its technological level, and will be able to lead the world.

This is definitely a huge step for your investigation! There must be a clue somewhere in here to tell the location of the Polar Crystals. Yet we also need to find a way outside while investigating. You quickly searched your pockets, and luckily the satellite phone was still working. You tried to call for help. People on the other end were very excited to hear from you again. They’re sending a helicopter to pick you up. 

However, the weather in polar regions was very unstable. The snowstorm will arrive in 35 minutes, and the helicopter must leave by then. In all the years of your investigative work, you’ve never been this close to your goal. The remains will be buried again after the storm, and probably never to see the light of day again. You must not give up this rare opportunity! Can you successfully find the legendary Polar Crystal and escape safely?




據說極地遺跡之所以能在冰層中千年不敗,全賴建築時所使用的 ”冰磚”一 準確來說,是利用某種神秘力量凝結而成的能量塊,而這些能量都是來自一塊名為極地水晶的能量水晶。有人說這是古文明的遺物,也有人說是外星人帶來的科技,唯一可肯定的是,任何的國家只要拿到這個寶物,就能使科技水平馬上提升,引領世界。


只是,極地的天氣非常不穩定,暴風雪在 35 分鐘後就會到來,到時候直昇機就必須離開了。你多年以來的調查工作,從來都沒有這麼接近目標過。遺跡在暴風雪過後很有可能會被再次埋起來,從此再也不見天日。絕不能放棄這次難得的機會!你能成功找到傳說中的極地水晶,並且全身而退嗎?



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