“I’m late! I’m late!”

On a leisurely afternoon, you were enjoying the warm sunshine in the garden. A rush of footsteps whiz past you. Although you didn’t see the thing that ran past, you could vaguely hear it muttering about something. 

Out of curiosity, you got up and followed that thing. You searched around and spotted a large tree, and a rabbit with a pocket watch was nearby. It seems to be in a hurry. The rabbit jumped into the big hole at the foot of the tree before you could stop it, and disappeared. The big hole was pitch dark as an abyss. You worried that the rabbit might be injured from the fall, you couldn’t help but to lean forward and check inside. Yet with a slip, you accidentally fell in as well.


You didn’t fall as fast as you expected but slowly floated down like a feather. You keep falling until the light begins to appear in the darkness. Space around you seems to be distorting, and your consciousness has fading. You couldn’t even tell if you were awake or in dreams…

You suddenly came back to your senses and found that you were in a strange bedroom. There were also a lot of doors with different sizes. You looked in through one of the doors that were as small as a mouse and saw a chic garden on the other side. The rabbit you were looking for was right there! However, the door is locked and it was impossible for your size to fit in. How can you catch up with that rabbit?

“Alice? Is that you?” You turned around and found a little mouse standing behind you. It was calling you by an unfamiliar name. You immediately told the little mouse that it got the wrong person. Unexpectedly, the little mouse just smiled and shook its head, “No, you are Alice. But at the same time, you are not Alice…not YET. Because you’ve forgotten something important.” You were really confused by the mouse’s words, but it seems it didn’t intend to explain further. “Go to the garden of the Queen of Hearts, your party will start when the sun goes down. Don’t be late!” The little mouse said and left through a small hole in the wall. 

You’ve no idea what the mouse was talking about. But there was one thing certain: the mouse seems to know you. Since you’ve no way back now, you can only move forward. The garden on the other side of that little door must be the garden of the Queen of Hearts… You look at the clock in your room, it’s 35 minutes until sunset. The party is about to start. The little mouse said you forgot something important, will the answer be there? Head to the garden to find out.

Will you recall the important things you’ve forgotten and find your way home? Or…lost in this Fantasyland forever?








小老鼠的話讓你一頭霧水,但可以肯定的是,牠似乎認識你。既然你現在也沒有回家的退路,只能想辦法前進了。小門另一邊應該就是紅心女王的花園…你看了看房間內的時鐘,距離日落時間還有 35 分鐘,派對很快就要開始了。小老鼠說你忘了重要的事,答案會在那裡嗎?前往花園一探究竟吧。



  • lost_hk
  • LOST Junior @ D2 PLACE TWO
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