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“Welcome to LOST Enchantments! Our shop has a wide variety of magical ingredients. No matter how rare they are, LOST Enchantments got everything you can ever imagine! Are you going to make some simple healing potions for your adventure? Or a top-notch love potion to pursue the one you love? We can provide anything you need! LOST Enchantments, the best companion for wizards and adventurers!”…

You came to the front door of the potion shop with the flyer in your hand. This was your first day of work. The door slowly opened in front of you, as if knowing your arrival. Unexpectedly, no one was here. There was only a uniform with your name, and a customer order list placed on the table. You changed into your uniform in confusion and picked up the list. You start counting the storage in the ingredients cabinet…Hmm? Some of the ingredients seem not enough for the order, you have to go to the warehouse to get some stock. But where is the entrance to the warehouse? You searched around the shop, and all you found was a sealed door with a “Danger! Keep Out!” sign. You tried the door, and of course it was locked…Could this be the entrance of the warehouse?

There was a creepy timer next to the entrance, and it started counting down at the moment you touched the door…You saw a small note on the ground nearby, which seemed to have fallen from the doorknob. You pick it up and read it carefully, and found that it was a message from your colleague:

“Hey newbie, sorry I couldn’t come to guide you in person today. There’s one thing you must remember. Since this store has too many rare ingredients, we’re targeted by criminals pretty often. This is why our warehouse got a very…well, troublesome security system. The warehouse door will only allow you to open it for 45 minutes for you to restock. If time runs out, the potion shop will take you as an intruder and “dispose” of you. I heard this is how some of our ingredients came from…”

“So remember, don’t touch the warehouse door until you can accurately memorise the storage location of each ingredient in there!”





「抱歉,新來的,我今天沒辦法過來親自指導你。有件事你必須要記住,由於這家店實在有太多珍稀的材料,我們經常被不法之徒盯上,因此我們的倉庫有個很…嗯,麻煩的防盜系統。倉庫門只會容許你在需要補貨時開啟 45 分鐘,超過時間的話魔藥店會把你當成入侵者“處理”掉。聽說我們有些藥材就是這樣來的……」






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