Dino Threat


Due to your love for animals, it has been your dream to work in a zoo since childhood. Is this a dream come true? Or…even better? Through your hard work, you managed to get a position at a very famous zoo. It made your relatives and friends envious just to mention this job. Why? Because this is not just an ordinary zoo…

The zoo owes its fame to its excellent scientific research team. They successfully cultivated many rare and even extinct creatures with advanced genetic engineering technology. That’s right, this zoo is taking care of prehistoric animals…and of course, dinosaurs are also included.

How awesome could it be? Although compared to ordinary zoos, this job is definitely much more dangerous. The high risk also means that the daily division of labor and management must be very accurate. Cleaning, feeding, maintenance and more, each duty will be responsible by a dedicated team. Your team can be said to be in charge of protecting everyone’s safety: your daily job is to ensure that all the power and gates in the zoo are normally operating.

Today is your first day at work. After the closing time, you head to the control room to check the equipment in each area. When you were checking the junction of the herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaur parks, you found that the signal light of the power station there was red. Doesn’t the maintenance record say that the last maintenance was just a few days ago? Hope it’s not some serious issue…You tried to restart the power station but that station seems to be in a power outage, it didn’t respond. You felt that your heartbeat had skipped a beat: Power outage…that means all the equipment nearby are offline as well, including the electric grid that separates the areas of herbivorous and carnivorous dinosaurs. Once the dinosaurs on either side discover the grid is not working and start crossing their border, the situation will be out of control. 

According to the habits and characteristics of the dinosaurs in those areas, there should be 35 minutes before a group of dinosaurs approaches the junction. You must get to the power station before them to manually turn the emergency power supply on and close the disaster prevention gates between the parks! The fastest route from the control room to that power station is through the forest in the carnivorous dinosaur area…guess you can only muster up your courage and get going. Hurry, you won’t want to stay in that area for long…





根據區內恐龍的習性,距離有恐龍群接近那一帶的時間,應該還有 35 分鐘。得趕在這之前到達那個電力站手動開啟緊急電源,把園區之間的防災閘門強制關上!從控制室前往該處最快的路線,是穿過肉食龍區的森林…只能硬著頭皮前進了。抓緊時間,你不會想在這個園區久留的…..



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