Merlin is a legendary magician in the English mythology, he is versed in all aspects of magic, not only powerful magic and wise, but also the ability to foretell the future. Merlin is King Arthur’s best friend and teacher. Legend has it that Merlin guided King Arthur to the Sword of Kings, helped him ascend the throne, ruled England, and became famous, leaving a variety of great deeds. Merlin can also transform himself into a child, an old man, a woman, a dwarf or an animal and talk to them, and he can use astrology to predict the future. He can also use sea control to repel enemies who are trying to climb the wall to attack Arthur.


You are admirers of Merlin and are always excited to hear of his exploits. Suddenly, one day, you received a magical message from Merlin, inviting you to become his disciples to fight against the dark wizard. In order see Merlin, you went to the museum address on the magic letter without saying a word. In order not to let the Dark Magician discover Merlin’s secret base, you only have 45 minutes to pass the test given to you by him, do you have the courage and determination to pass the test and fight against the Dark Magician’s attack?    






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