Cage of Time


(Role Play Escape Game / 角色逃殺)

There is a myth that The Prince of Egypt Tutankhamen owned a pyramid made of gold, also known as the “Cage of Time” which is enchanted by priest that can stop the time and rewrite the history.  The legend said Tutankhamen was cursed and died when he was eighteen years old, his soul is attached to the Cage of Time.  It’s been more than 800 years till now, the rumours said the Cage of Time was hidden in one of the pyramid tombs. Over the years, various tomb robbers and underground government troops have been trying to snatch this magical treasure but most of them disappeared without a lead, even the rest came back alive but completely can’t remember what happened.  A secret rich man is recruiting a team of experts to search and dig out this magical treasure, so you team up several experts to take this adventure together.  Just when you cracked into the tomb through numerous traps and found that the Cage of Time were missing, what was the truth of the matter?  Can this mystery be solved?


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