Blood in the Dark


On a night when the full moon was high, you accidentally lost your way in the woods. You were walking aimlessly, the dark clouds in the sky were beginning to cover the moonlight. Looks like there will be heavy rain soon…you must find a place to shelter from the rain as soon as possible. Just when you were anxious, an old mansion came into view. You saw it brightly lit from the windows, it seemed that someone was at home. Since there’s no other way, you bite the bullet and knock on the door of the old mansion, hoping that the master of the house will let you in to avoid the wind and rain.

The door opened automatically after you knocked. You entered the mansion, and found that the fireplace in the living room seemed to be ready for you a while ago. It was burning vigorously, even a rocking chair was placed in front. Everything in the mansion was like welcoming your arrival, everything was already set perfectly. Strange, ever since you entered the door, you still haven’t seen a single person. And when you looked back, the door behind you had been locked at some point. 

Suddenly,  a voice echoed throughout the mansion. You looked around, but couldn’t find anyone who was speaking.

“Well, well…It’s been a long time since we have had any guests. I’m the Earl of Vampires, the owner of this mansion. I’ve lived here alone for hundreds of years. Please, feel free to rest and look around as you like. If you like it, it’s more than welcome to move in. Night is the party time for vampires. If you stay, there will be endless banquets every night.”

“Do you wanna give up your humanity and become an immortal vampire? If you’re still hooked in this mansion after the 45 minute visit session, you shall stay with me and party all night…FOREVER.”






「要放棄人類的身份,成為永生的吸血鬼嗎?45 分鐘的參觀時間過後,要是你依然流連忘返,那就留下來與我作伴,徹夜狂歡吧…永遠。」






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