Alchemist Geber


Alchemy is a kind of technique that converts metals into gold with a chemical effect in the Middle Ages. It is used to make panacea and elixir. Alchemy, Astrology, and Psychic are called “The greatest three wisdoms of the universe”. The method used by alchemists is to fuse the four metal elements: copper, tin, lead, and iron and cast the spell under a specific time and place. Any objects can be turned into gold!
People are very eager for this kind of magic and always wanted to practice this kind of alchemy. Yet only the talented one can succeed. This technique that created gold made people more and more greedy.
It has been rumored that in the Persian Empire, now known as Iran, an alchemist family named Geber hides countless gold in a mysterious secret room. The huge amount of wealth has attracted substantial greedy people to sneak in and snatch it. Some said in order to stop people from fighting each other, the Geber family ended up destroying everything, and the story seems to have ended.

A thousand years later, John Geber, the professor of mathematics at a famous British university, is also the leader of your team of archaeology. You have been studying the history and development of alchemy with him, and he is also the descendant of the Geber family. Your team found a mysterious place and the professor has reminded you to stick together since this place must be full of traps. When the professor took the lead to investigate the place, a stone gate suddenly closed that separated you and the professor. The professor shouts loudly behind the stone gate and you hear his voice slowly fade out… After several tries, you finally entered the secret room to search for the professor. Did the professor leave any clues? Can you crack all the puzzles? Does the treasure of alchemy really exist? Can everyone leave safely?




大約一千年後的今天,英國著名大學數學教授約翰·賈比爾是你們考古隊伍的領隊,你們一直跟着教授鑽研煉金術的歷史和發展,而他亦是古時代鼎鼎大名的煉金術師賈比爾家族的後代。你們一行幾人為了查明真相而找到了一個神秘的地方,教授千叮萬囑要集體行動,因為這個地方必定佈滿了機關。正當教授率先前往查探前面的一道石門時,石門突然關上把你們分隔,門後隨即傳來教授的叫喊聲,然後逐漸安靜⋯⋯ 你們幾經辛苦進入密室內尋找教授下落,到底教授有否留下線索?種種謎題是否得以解開?煉金術寶藏又是否存在?你們全部人能夠安全離開嗎?

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